Holistic Beauty Is So Much More Than Skincare & Here's Everything You Should Know About It

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Holistic beauty is an all-encompassing approach to having a healthy and clean mind, body, and soul which ultimately results in radiant skin. Yes, there are many quick fixes to make your skin look healthy such as makeup or beauty filters but these are only temporary. If you are looking for ways to adapt holistic techniques to get the skin you've always desired, then you are in for a treat.

We spoke to Ritika Jayaswal, Founder & CEO, Nourish Mantra, who gave us her insights on holistic beauty and everything it stands for. Let's know more from the expert, shall we?

"Holistic wellness goes much beyond one aspect of wellness, such as beauty or skincare. Often, when we discuss holistic wellness, we understand this to mean organic products, yoga, or even several cups of green tea. However, looking at health as a larger priority means all of these things and none of these things at the same time," Ritika says.

Intrigued? Let’s understand holistic wellness together.

Here's A Step-By-Step Guide To Holistic Beauty


Most wellness philosophies focus on one aspect- these can be cultural, such as Eastern medicine/ Ayurveda, or even the Korean ten-step skincare routine. However, the one thing most of us forget to add to the equation is ourselves. Wellness trends and practices are everywhere, but figuring out what works for us individually can take time and patience. If you have an open mind, then anything is possible.

So, if you want to know what wellness trend would work the best for you, then you need to look for an answer within yourself. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to do that.

Step One: Know What Drives Your Wellness Journey

Our skin is quite simply a reflection of what goes on inside. Holistic wellness takes everything into account, from mental health to lifestyle considerations, diet and so much more. For example, we know that water is good for us, but we need a system that encourages us to form a habit of staying hydrated.

When you start by understanding what your wellness outcomes are, then you have a far greater chance of staying on track for longer. For example, if you want to get rid of acne for good, ask yourself why it matters to you. Then, make a note of the small habits that trip you up and cause acne. Based on these answers, you can begin to understand what wellness habits you need to form for better skin health like quitting acne-triggering food habits.


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Step Two: Start With Some Research

Wellness trends are everywhere, and if you are active on Instagram, you are probably exposed to a different trend, every day.

Wellness is an inside job, and no glowing skin has ever been achieved by just applying one product. Products do help, but they are one component in your wellness journey. Any product can inspire you to stay consistent or complement your other efforts but cannot do the heavy lifting by itself.

So, don’t be afraid to ask questions before choosing your products and keep track of how these products contribute to your holistic wellness journey.


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Step Three: Get The Basics Right

Exercise, food, rest- these are the three fundamental tenets of any holistic wellness practice. We need to explore which ones agree with us most. For example, some people swear by strength training while others thrive on aerobic activities.

Likewise, some may need eight hours of beauty sleep, while others do just fine with five hours.

When you keep a track of your activity and food choices for a month, you will begin to understand which causes drive and how you can start to correct them one small step at a time. Be sure to do the same for all the products you use too. Take a look at what is working best for you and what isn’t contributing much.


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Step Four: Plan Your Wellness Routine To Fit Into Your Lifestyle

Some of us have to work long hours or stay up late while others may not always have access to set mealtimes or the flexibility to follow a lengthy wellness routine each day.

To get consistent, all of your wellness habits need to fit into your lifestyle. No, this doesn't mean that your lifestyle habits are set in stone and shouldn't be changed, but that the adjustments must be made gradually to allow yourself to adapt.

When you take it slow, you curb anxiety around the new habits, leading to better wellness outcomes. Moreover, taking it slow tells your brain that this is meant to be done more mindfully, so your chances of success improve significantly.


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So, which wellness habit has stayed with you for the longest time? We'd love to know!

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