5 Common Hair Care Mistakes You Need To Stop Making So That Every Day Is A Good Hair Day

5 Common Hair Care Mistakes You Need To Stop Making So That Every Day Is A Good Hair Day

Taking care of our hair in the way we should requires a whole lot of time and patience. Seriously, when was the last time you followed a dedicated hair care routine?

While we aren't telling you to drop everything and only focus on your hair, we do believe that avoiding some simple mistakes could really be a gamechanger in your beauty regimen. So, take notes cause these blunders could be causing irreversible damage to your strands.

Common Hair Care Mistakes All Of Us Are Guilty Of Making

We've all been there- used a product incorrectly or not followed through by using it enough times. So, here are some common hair care mistakes we all have made, some more than once.

Using Hair Styling Tools On Wet Hair


Refrain from using any sort of hair styling tools on wet hair as it will burn your hair. If you use a hair straightener or a hair curler on wet hair, it will make the water evaporate and ultimately burn the hair.

Even when you're using a blow dryer, make sure you squeeze out as much water as possible and start off with the minimum heat setting. Never forget to apply a hair serum afterward as an extra protective layer.


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Applying Oil To Wet Hair


Unless you're in a mood to waste your hair oil, never apply it on damp or wet hair. Just think about this- can oil and water ever mix? No! then how can you expect the oil to penetrate deeper into the scalp when your hair is wet? Yes, it may make your hair look shiny for a while but that's what your hair serum is for. 

Over Washing Your Hair


Never wash your hair unless it is absolutely necessary. Most of us align our hair wash days with important events coming up and others prefer washing it every day. If you do like washing your mane every day then make sure you don't use shampoo every time. It'll make your hair super dry because it'll strip off the natural hair oils and make it prone to sun damage and split-ends and will weaken the strands.

Try washing your hair not more than twice a week and use a scarf or a bandana when you go out because this can really help protect your hair from dirt and pollution.


Wrapping Wet Hair Using A Towel


We all tend to wrap our wet locks in a towel and twist it up after taking a shower, right? Well, it is a huge mistake because when we wash our hair, the water causes the cuticles to open, leaving them vulnerable to damage and breakage. The 'twist and throwing back' of the towel also causes friction that weakens the hair from between.

After washing your mane, squeeze out all the water gently and then use a microfiber towel. Another amazing trick is to use any plain t-shirt to wrap your hair. Just don't twist it too much!


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Applying Perfume To Your Hair


A lot of people rely on perfumes to make their hair smell amazing instantly, especially after a thorough workout at the gym. As most perfumes have a high concentration of alcohol, it can cause dehydration in our hair and weaken it.

Instead of using perfumes, reach out for hair mists for a lingering fragrance, wherever you go. They usually have hair-friendly ingredients and protect your hair too.


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Have a great (hair) day!

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