4 Quick & Easy Facial Exercises That Will Help You Release Tension

4 Quick & Easy Facial Exercises That Will Help You Release Tension

What if we tell you that there's a way to get a more sculpted jawline and chiseled cheekbones without going under the knife? Yup, facial yoga is gaining a lot of traction right now and that's because it really works. So, if you've woken up feeling bloated, are feeling stressed after a long day, or are feeling insecure about your double chin, these exercises will really help you out. 

Just remember, any sort of facial workout or skincare regimen won't show results by just doing it once, you've got to be consistent, follow-through, and build a habit, that's when you'll actually see a noticeable difference.

4 Facial Exercises That Will Help With Lymphatic Drainage

To Release Tension From Your Forehead

Step One: Start with clean fingers and cleansed face. Then take a small amount of face oil and warm it between your fingers. 

Step Two: Use your index fingers to make tiny semi-circles outwards on your forehead. Start right above your eyebrows, then repeat in the middle of your forehead and move on to the top. Do each 

Step Three: Use your knuckles to smooth outwards.

Step Four: Use your fingers to move outwards.




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For Chiselled Cheekbones

Step One: Apply a couple of drops of your favourite facial oil on a fully cleansed face or with the residue of the oils from your sheet mask, start massaging.

Step Two: Take the length of your thumb and run it under your cheekbone and towards the contour of your face. Take it right up to the top part of your ear and ten times on each side. For best results do it in the morning and evening and you'll see a difference within a week.

This exercise is even better with ice globes. 


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To Get Rid Of The Double Chin

Step One: Start by keeping your chest out and your shoulders down and then place your hands on your shoulders. Move the shoulders up and down ten times to get the body moving.

Step Two. Stretch your neck upwards and look up at the ceiling. Then stick your tongue out as far as it can go and hold for ten seconds. Relax and start over and do this two-three times twice a day.

Stay away from this exercise if you have any sort of neck pain.


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Facial Exercises For The Delicate Under Eye Area

Step One: Use your index finger and tap in circular motions around your eyes and move in a clockwise direction.

Step Two: Create a V shape with your fingers and place them at either side of your eyes. Then move your eyeballs from left to right. 

Step Three: Create a line with your index finger parallel to your eye, just below the under eye and look up. Start fluttering your eyes up and down quickly and repeat on the other side.

Step Four: With one hand hold the opposite eyebrow and lift up and down and then move to the other side. 


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So, bookmark all of these for your daily self-care ritual

Featured Image: Pexels