Can Your Skin Be Hungover Too After A Night Of Partying? Dr Kiran Gives Us The Scoop

Can Your Skin Be Hungover Too After A Night Of Partying? Dr Kiran Gives Us The Scoop

Ever woken up with a hangover so bad that your head is throbbing, you're feeling nauseous and your head is spinning? Yes, a round (or five) of Jägerbombs are fun to have and get you to really loosen up but the effects on your body the next day are just too severe. To add to all the physical symptoms you're facing, did you know that your skin has a hangover too? We spoke to Dr. Kiran Lohia, a celebrity dermatologist from Isya Derm to give us the scoop.

The Effects Of Excessive Alcohol On Your Skin


If Sunday mornings have been about cheese sandwich cravings, puffy eyes, and dehydration, you're not alone, honey. We're listing down some effects it can have on your skin.

Can Cause Dehydration

This is probably the most common effect of drinking too much alcohol on the body. Your system feels dehydrated and so does your skin. "It removes water from your skin and makes you look dull and your wrinkles show up more prominently", says Dr. Lohia. 

Can Trigger Rosacea

"Rosacea is flushing, redness, dilated pores, broken blood vessels, and pimple-like bumps from the inflammation on your skin", explains Dr Kiran. When you drink excessively, this can be triggered and your skin will have to face its wrath.

Makes Your Skin Look Dull

A night of drinking can deplete liver antioxidants which result in your skin looking dull and discoloured. So, if the next day you feel like your skin isn't at its radiant best, you know what to blame.


To Avoid These, Here Are Some Tips You Can Keep In Mind


Drink Lots Of Water

Well, this goes without saying but sipping on water while you're nursing your drink can be the best gift you give yourself. Not only will your hangovers be more manageable but your skin will look better too. Hydrated skin looks plumper and feels healthier and don't we all want that?

Salted Lemon Water Does Wonders

A lifesaver during the humid weather, salted lemon water really helps when your skin and you are having a hangover. So, sip on some throughout the day.

Antioxidants For The Win

"Oral antioxidants like N-acetyl cysteine or glutathione protect the liver", says Dr Kiran. Have those and you'll be doing a huge favour to your skin.

Stick To Clear Spirits

Dr Lohia also advises us to stick to clear spirits as coloured ones need extra processing and are way worse for you. Preferably go for no grain-based ones to minimise the damage.

Drink In Lesser Quantities

This goes without saying but drinking in lesser quantities is the best thing to do. No, you don't have to have five drinks just because your friends are having a chugging competition. Nurse your glass and drink less to really look after your skin and health.

Now, we know you've read that red wine can be good for your skin because it has resveratrol which is an antioxidant for the skin but any alcohol can trigger rosacea. So, why not just munch on some grapes if you really need an antioxidant boost? 

No one is telling you not to drink (if you're over 25) but have alcohol in controlled amounts and chug on water instead. Your skin and your body deserve love and care!

Featured Image: Pexels