Digital Fatigue Is Very Real & Here Are 4 Ways It Could Be Damaging Your Skin

digital fatigue, skin damage, blue light

Over the last year, working from home has become the norm which has lead to us spend a majority of our time on our laptops, computers, and cell phones. This has given rise to some serious health issues, like eye strain, trouble in falling asleep, and even tech neck. Some symptoms of screen fatigue are dry eyes and headaches. The lack of fresh air and proper rest can also cause skin conditions like acne, rosacea, dryness, eczema, and irritation.

A study also showed that blue light from electronic devices can cause changes in your skin cells which can ultimately speed up the rate at which your skin ages. You may not notice these changes immediately but over time, this can cause fine lines and wrinkles. So, to repair the damage caused by blue light, here are 5 things you can do...

Here Are 5 Ways In Which Digital Fatigue Can Take A Toll On Your Skin

Problem 1: Can Cause Issues In Your Sleep Quality

The solution: We all know that the skin cannot perform its functions well when your body isn't well-rested. So what do should you do? Make sure you dial back on screen time at least an hour before bed because blue light affects the level of melatonin (sleep hormone) in our body. Another thing you can do to truly relax before bed is to spritz a soothing mist on your pillow. This can help to calm and clear your mind. Look for lavender and chamomile scents.


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Problem 2: Results In Skin Damage

The solution: Excessive exposure to blue light can cause a variety of skin woes, from uneven texture to inflammation and damage to the skin barrier. It also causes oxidative stress, that is when free radicals cause damage (to the skin and body) than antioxidants can repair. To combat this, we recommend loading up on antioxidant-rich skincare formulas. Think vitamin C and niacinamide-laced formulas. 


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Problem 3: Can Lead To Dry Eyes And Under Eyes

The solution: Dry, strained eyes aren't the only side effect of staring at your laptop screen for too long- excessive exposure to blue light can also damage the area around your eyes. We already know that skin here is the thinnest and most delicate so of course, it needs extra TLC. This rosehip oil-infused cream is rich in antioxidants that not only nourish the skin but also give it a glow.

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Problem 4: Can Cause Your Skin To Look Dull

The solution: Bad circulation caused by lack of movement due to spending too much time on your laptop can cause your face to bloat up. To remedy this, move every 30-45 minutes, even if it is just a walk in your room. At the end of the day, give your face a good massage using a Gua Sha stone or just your fingers. This will drain lymphatic fluid and reduce overall puffiness. 


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Hope these 5 tips help you combat digital fatigue. Are there any other signs or changes you've noticed in your skin?

Featured image: Unsplash