Atmanirbhar AF: 5 Beauty Treatments We All Mastered During This Year Of Working From Home

Atmanirbhar AF: 5 Beauty Treatments We All Mastered During This Year Of Working From Home

It was last March that offices shut down for what we all thought was a couple of months but has turned out to be an entire year. While salons were shut and we were all in lockdown, we all became our own palour wali didis and hairtsylists. From DIY face masks to at-home manicures, we learned a whole lot about beauty during this past year. If you were also all about mixing concoctions in the kitchen and giving yourself face massages, then you'll totally relate to this article.

5 Beauty Treatments We All Mastered During This Year Of Working From Home


Thanks to the pandemic threading took a back seat except for some people who actually learned how to thread themselves. For noobs like us, dermaplaining became the go-to. This removed the unwanted hair from the face and got rid of peach fuzz too. Quick, easy and painless- what's not to love?


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DIY Face Masks

Everyone was experimenting with DIY face masks and home remedies during the past year and for good reason. They're natural, effective, and fun to do. Be it turmeric masks, aloe vera masks, or even papaya masks- there are so many options for all different skin types.


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Hot Oil Treatments

Usually, we're all so busy with college and work that haircare doesn't even fit into our schedules but after spending a year at home we've understood that looking after our hair is important. We all actually regularly oiled our hair, gave ourselves scalp massages, and really learned to pamper our tresses.


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Face Massages

With all the stress we were taking about the pandemic, some time off was necessary. Many of us took to trying out face massages as a way to relax. Some people used face tools like the Gua Sha or a face roller while others were happy with just using their hands. Either way, face massages were great for puffiness and tension releasing. 


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At-home Manicures

Nail salons were shut for the better part of the past year and even when they did open people were scared to visit them which is why manicures at home became really popular. People started trying out nail trends and nail art for themselves and it put them in a great mood.


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For me, beauty treatments were a great help to deal with the anxiety I was dealing with during the pandemic. While I didn't ace 'em all (my nail paint never looked even), I did try many of them and just enjoyed the process. Tell us which ones you tried and loved?

Featured Image: Pexels