10 Beauty Rules We're Breaking In 2021 Cause Why The Hell Not?

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If there is anything we've learned over the last few years, it's that skincare, hair, and makeup rules are meant to be broken. Think about it, didn't we all embrace contouring when Kim Kardashian deemed it trendy? And seriously, how many of us put aside our expensive brow gels when soap brows took over our Instagram feeds last year? The only rule you should follow when it comes to beauty is this: you do you. Do what works for you and makes you happy! In the spirit of all things fun, there are the 10 beauty rules we're breaking in 2021. Are you with us?

The 10 Beauty Rules To Do Away With In 2021

Wearing hair masks only at home

I don't know how I didn't think about this before but applying a hair mask and going out and running errands definitely does double duty. Firstly, it gives hair the perfect slicked-back look, and secondly, when you wash it off, your mane is soft and manageable! What's not to love?! 


The Earth Collective Hair Mask

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Toning down eye makeup when you're wearing a bold lip colour

Okay, this rule needed to be smashed to bits and pieces ages ago! Need proof? Check out supermodel Kaia Gerber's look where she's wearing champagne shadow with a dark grey hue and a brick red lip



INR 599 AT MyGlamm

Styling freshly washed hair

Waves and curls hold much better in second or third-day hair! This way you won't have to load up on styling products. If you have only styled your hair when it is freshly washed, you have to try this hack! If your hair feels too greasy, simply use a dry shampoo and style as desired. 


Plantin, Bamboo And Charcoal Organic Dry Shampoo

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Lining only your upper or lower lash line

If you left lining both your lids back in the 2000s, wake up. This year, we're all about playing up the eyes and tight lining them, and throwing in a pop of colour while we're at it! 



INR 449 AT MyGlamm

Lining the lower lash line with black

Colour colour colour! We love wearing it on our faces and nails and lining our lower lash lines with bright shades. Looking for inspiration? Look no further than makeup mogul Kylie Jenner's Instagram for ideas!


Huda Beauty Obsessions Eyeshadow Palette - Topaz

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One colour eyeliner

Wearing just one eyeliner colour on your lids is overdone. This year, we're all about double eyeliner. To make your eyes pop, even more, go for contrasting shades like black and white


Kiko Milano Intense Colour Long Lasting Eyeliner - 01 Pearly White

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Hairstyles should be perfectly done

Thank you but no. Flyaways are our friends and we're embracing them with enthusiasm. 

Overanalyzing skin

I don't know who needs to hear this but blackheads are normal; acne is normal; oily skin is normal;  scars are normal; pigmentation is normal. What isn't normal, is to expect your skin to look 100% perfect every single day. 2021 is all about self-love and acceptance. Can we get an amen in here? 

Self-diagnosing skin

When it comes to skincare, it is all about trial and error. The acne cream that worked for your friend may cause you to break out even more. It is always wise to consult your dermat before making any sudden changes in your skincare routine. One mistake can set your skin journey back weeks! 

Popping pimples

Regardless of how many Mr Pimple Popper videos you may have watched, there is no right way to pop zits. At all. Ever. Instead, we're going to be patient and apply AHAs and BHAs and take care of our skin, okay? Salicylic acid (BHAs) get below the clogged pores and get rid of the gunk whereas AHAs deal with uneven texture and pigmentation on the surface of skin.

Skin Care

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Which beauty rules are you going to smash this year? Tell us! 

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