Bestie Bucket List: 5 Activities That You & Your BFF Can Do Together This Weekend

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Ever since Miss 'Rona came into our lives, things have not been the same. From social distancing to staying in all the time, 2020 was a different year, to say the least. Although things are not really back to normal, we can still enjoy the little things in life, such as spending a whole day with our BFFs!

Now that we think about it, when was the last time we spent the entire day with our bestie- talking about boys, watching murder documentaries, doing each other's nails while munching on Chinese food? And if it's been a while for you too then you need to block your BFF's weekend right away and have some fun!

5 Fun Activities That Beauty Loving Besties Will Enjoy Doing Together

Time to make up for the last time with these activities that are so fun. So what are you waiting for? Call your BFF(s) and ask them to clear the weekends 'coz it's fun o'clock!

Glamm-orous Sleepovers


Nothing makes the bond stronger than chilling with your best gal pals in your jammies, surrounded by good food and drinks!

You can either crash at a friend's place or book a nice room at an Airbnb. Just make sure that you carry all the important beauty supplies such as nail paints, sheet masks, and of course, makeup.

Sit down, slap on a sheet mask, sip on some wine while listening to relaxing music. You can even paint each other's nails, make hair braids, and plan amazing Goa trip plans that will never materalise.


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Go Makeup Shopping


Do you have a friend who loves makeup as much as you do? Then we know just the place you two should be heading to. The newly opened MyGlamm Experience Store is where all the cool kids are hanging RN because it is your average makeup store but a unique experience in itself. Think (lots of) makeup, Instagrammable spots, and being a part of the BTS of creating a product- it's a makeup paradise and you're invited!

Get Matching Manicures


Nothing uplifts the mood like retail therapy. After shopping your heart out, book a nail appointment with your BFF. Think rhinestones, clear, glitter, or even neon- it's time to sport matching nails with your BFF because they're so much cheaper than getting matching tattoos.

PS: Is it just us or you too feel like a completely different person after getting your nails done?

Give Each Other A Hair Makeover


Don't think too much about it, just do it!

If you've been planning to change your hair colour or chop off your strands, then why not do it with your fave partner in crime? Call over your BFF and channel your inner beauty influencer. A short lob, colourful streaks, or just a bang-ing hairdo- there are so many styles to try.

But hey, at least you'll have your BFF by your side!



Sceptical about booking a spa appointment? Then why not DIY it? Gather a bunch of fashion magazines, face packs, candles, body oils, bath salts, towels, and let's begin.

Light some candles and play some relaxing music to set the mahol. Slip into your bathing robes and dip your feet into warm water. You can also dd some essentials oils or bath salts.

Next, apply face masks while you catch up on all your fave fashion news. Order in some of your fave food because a happy tummy is a happy you and you're basically in zen mode. 

PS: No devices allowed after this point!


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Sounds super fun, right? Which one of these activities are you planning to do first?

Featured Image: Pinterest, Instagram