Mane Mistakes: Team POPxo Talks About Weird Hairstyles They Tried & Instantly Regretted

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The thing with hair trends is that it's nothing like makeup. If a makeup look goes south, you can easily take it off, but that's not the case with hair. Once messed up, you've got to live with it for a couple of months to style it again! If you've recently gotten your locks chopped off, styled, or coloured, and instantly regret it- you're not alone. Some of the prettiest babes at POPxo, have been there and done that. Here's their story!

The only silver lining here is that it gets better with time!

The Undercut That Went Wrong

Team POPxo

Once on a whim, I got an undercut hairstyle, and it was the most embarrassing time of my life. Thankfully it was under my hair, and when I let it down, it wouldn’t show, but no one ever tells you about how quickly your trimmed hair grows out and how uneven and funny your mane starts looking. Almost every two weeks I would have to rush to the salon to do damage control. I also worked at a corporate at that time so I pretty much looked as out of place as I felt. 

- Anandita Malhotra, Junior Editor

The Not-So-Flattering Pixie Cut

Team POPxo

Although I've never played around much with hair colours, I certainly have with hairstyles. The classic pixie cut, the messy lob, the textured bob, blunt bangs- you name it, I've had them ALL at some point in my life. However, the one hairstyle which was weird and cool at the same time was an undercut pixie. Yes, this is how my hair looked in 2012. It was bold, raw, and way ahead of its time. Since I have naturally curly hair, I struggled with styling and straightening it every morning before I left for college. I don't think I'll ever get this hairstyle again in this lifetime. 

- Sharon Alphonso, Senior Beauty Writer


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The Red Balayage That Faded In 3 Months

Team POPxo

I have experimented a lot with my hair! From god-awful bangs to an asymmetrical bob, you name it, I have tried it. The latest addition to my ‘hairstyle-I-will-regret-forever’ club was my red balayage. The colour faded in just two-three months. I faced hair fall, hair greying, dandruff, split ends, thinning, and every other hair problem that one could possibly imagine. I had to once again chop my hair to let go of the ‘bleachy remains’. The only good thing about the entire mess was that the fake redhead look got me many compliments for as long as it stayed.

 - Kanupriya, Content Writer

Blue Streaks That Went South

Team POPxo

It was probably when I had blue streaks two years ago! I LOVE trying out the latest hair trends but getting blue streaks was probably one of the worst hair mistakes that I’ve ever done. The hairstylist had over-bleached my hair (which I realised months later) and my hair was literally breaking at the slightest touch. If you’re ever thinking about going forward with fancy hair colours, always remember that you need to touch up after every few washes and this will damage your hair beyond repair!

- Aayushi Pareek, Beauty Writer

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When Micro-Bangs Don't Turn Out Cute

Team POPxo

I have had bangs for the longest time and when I was in college and it would be growing out, I would give it a trim to get rid of that in-between phase. Mostly that worked okay but sometimes I have ended up with micro bangs and the works which were cool (to me) but perhaps also weird given that sudden change in my look. Thankfully it was college so it wasn’t really a big deal back then!

- Abhilasha Tyagi, Senior Writer

That Awkward Moment When The Hair Colourist Left The Hair Colour On For Too Long

Team POPxo

I dip-dyed my hair 4 years ago and it was the worst beauty-related mistake I have ever made! The hair colourist left the blonde colour on for way too long, and my hair was a golden-ish blonde shade which I absolutely detested! Instead of colouring just the ends, she coloured over 15 inches of my hair. Over time, my hair got drier and drier, and no amount of care could fix it. Eventually, I had to cut off all 15 inches of it to prevent further damage.

- Drishti Kapadia, Senior Writer


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Never Chop Your Bangs At Home, Kids!

Team POPxo

Long before the lockdown forced us to trim our own hair, I tried cutting my own bangs, and regretted it instantly. It left me so traumatised that I did not even dare to trim or chop my hair for the next year and a half. So, when I was in school, I loved my front bangs, but when it grew longer my mom refused to take me for a haircut because she wanted me to grow my hair. Being the rebellious kid that I was, I took it upon myself to fix those bangs. I picked the scissors and started chopping until I cut the bangs a bit too short. I had to hide my face in school and pin up my bangs for the next month or so because it looked so damn funny. 

- Janvi Manchanda, Writer 

Sometimes certain hair trends don't work out, and it's okay. Till your locks grow out, you can always cover them with a headwrap or a scarf. In the meantime, focus on tending to your damaged tresses. To boost hair growth, oil them often, apply a hair pack twice a week, and refrain from colouring or using hot styling tools for a while. You've got this!

Featured Image: Team POPxo