Beauty Mavens, This Top Secret Room At The MyGlamm Experience Store Is Hella Magical!

Beauty Mavens, This Top Secret Room At The MyGlamm Experience Store Is Hella Magical!

Mumbaikars, you'll be pleased to know that beauty has a new address and it's the MyGlamm Experience Store. All you looking to beautify your feeds, shoot makeup tutorials and click glamourous pictures in front of accented walls, this is the place you've gotta visit. 

So, get into a rikshaw and head over to Juhu cause it's a beauty haven.

What Is The MyGlamm Experience Store?


This is the place is where all your beauty dreams come true. There's a makeup station where you'll find foundations and base makeup, eye makeup, and more than 200 lipsticks to pick from. Whichever formulation of lippies you prefer, iyou'll find it there--those that last all day without any touch-up, comfortable satin-matte formulas, and even ones that are flavoured and enriched with skincare benefits. There's a visual try on section for those of you who don't want to use testers.

There is even a skincare section where you can try on products that will really nourish your skin and give it a luminous glow. From body lotions to skin toners and essences, this station is perfect for when you want to give your skin some extra love!

Make Up

MyGlamm Ultimatte Long Stay Matte Lipstick - Bombshell

INR 699 AT MyGlamm

The store even has a place where beauty workshops will be held with many MyGlammXO Insiders and Beauty Creators and it's going to be hella exciting. And guess what? Every time you shop from the store or online you earn 15% cashback as MyGlammXO points which can then be redeemed when you shop for beauty products. 

What's The Secret Lab That We've Been Talking About?


Honestly, the entire store is beyond amazing but this is my fav part of it. Are you ready to take a sneak peek into this top-secret lab? So, if you're a MyGlammXO Insider, then you can help the team co-create beauty products and give in your inputs on formulations and shades. 

The customers themselves can try on formulas, new colours, and mix and match products. This is where you can give your feedback, help the team develop new and improved beauty tidbits, and understand the ingredients in them. Isn't this really the future of beauty?



I don't know about you but as a beauty enthusiast, this store is everything I've ever dreamed of. And the fact that I can actually get a BTS on how products are formulated and give my opinion on each item just blows my mind. 

So, go with your bestie and make a date out of it!

Featured Image: MyGlamm