Skincare 101: Here's Your Guide To Safely Using A Derma Roller At Home

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Rolling thin needles all over our faces does not seem like the most fun way to get good skin, but if someone who looks like she has access to the fountain of youth aka Jenifer Aniston swears by it, then we will happily give it a go. So, what is derma rolling? It is a form of microneedling where you roll a tool all over your face to gently prick it. This tool a tiny wheel with hundreds of tiny needles that cause small injuries to your face. This may seem contradictory, considering we're aiming to improve skin and not damage it but hear us out: these micro cuts end up boosting collagen production and healing, which ultimately may lead to clearer skin.



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What are the benefits?

Dermarolling not only boosts collagen production (read: building blocks of skin) but also allows your skincare to work better. Ultimately, if you're using the right skincare products and the tool correctly, you may see a difference in your acne scars, overall skin texture and the rough patches on your face. 

How do I use a dermaroller safely at home?

  • Before and after use, make sure you are cleaning your dermaroller with rubbing alcohol. Take some rubbing alcohol in a bowl and submerge the head of the derma roller in it for 3-5 minutes. Then remove it and allow it to dry before using it. Make sure the case you're storing it in is also clean and sterilized.
  • When it comes to derma rolling, less is more. Your needle size should not be higher than .25mm as that can cause serious injury versus the tiny pricks that we are aiming for.
  • Never use a derma roller on active acne as that can cause the bacteria to literally spread all over your face.
  • Always make sure your skin is clean before starting your derma rolling sesh. 
  • Use a serum before going to town with your derma roller. You want to look for products that boost collagen production so ingredients like hyaluronic acid and peptides should do the trick.
  • Steer clear of ingredients like active ingredients like Vitamin C and Retinol and acids like AHAs and BHAs in serums when you're using a dermaroller. These will most certainly cause irritation.


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How do I actually use a dermaroller on my face?

First, make sure you're holding your skin taut with your fingers. Then, take your dermaroller and very gently roll it vertically, horizontally and diagonally over the same spot on your face. At no point should you be in pain! Apply very little pressure, as much as you can comfortably tolerate. Do not use this face tool every day! In fact, use it once a month and then slowly build up your skin's tolerance. Like every kind of skincare tool and product, you have to be patient to see results. If you would like immediate results, you can always visit a dermat and get a professional microneedling treatment done. 

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Before getting on any new skincare products, treatment or tools, we advise talking to your dermat to figure out if it is something your skin will benefit from. 

Featured image: Instagram, Unsplash