Ignoring WhatsApp Texts & 8 Other Things Team POPxo Feels Are Illegal But Aren't!

Ignoring WhatsApp Texts & 8 Other Things Team POPxo Feels Are Illegal But Aren't!

In this world, there are things that are right and legal, and there are things that are wrong and hence, illegal. But then, there are a lot of things in between that feel illegal but are actually not--even though we wish they were. I mean, how many times did you wish that a cheating boyfriend or girlfriend should be officially fined? Or looked at a fashion disaster and wondered why is that legal at all? Well, I'm sure I have thought that on different occasions. TBH, if you leave it to us, we would make several things illegal. But a lot of them may backfire on us later. Confused? Then we're here to make it simple for you! Team POPxo shares things that feel totally illegal to them but aren't IRL. 

9 Things That Team POPxo Feels Are Illegal But Aren't

Here are some common things that feel illegal or should be illegal but are surprisingly not.

Relatives Asking 'Beta Shaadi Kab Kar Rahi Ho?'

When you reach a certain age, late 20s to be precise, suddenly everything in your life revolves around marriage. From your parents to those rishtedaars who don’t even remember your name, just want to know what your marriage plans are. Why? Like WHY? Rishtedaars poking in your life unnecessarily should definitely be a chargeable offence. Like, “Oh aunty did you just ask if I’m dating secretly? Please pay 2K fine for that.”

- Kanupriya, Content Writer

Entering Sephora & Then Not Buying Anything!

I looooove shopping for makeup but you gotta admit that not everyone can spend close to 10K in one go, or even 2-3K at a time. And as much as I love hoarding luxe makeup products, sometimes it does feel like too much money for a particular product.

But, whenever I’m at a mall, I always make sure to check out Sephora to see new launches. And the one thing that makes me really anxious is asking for products, swatching them and just leaving before buying anything...it feels so illegal, right?

 - Aayushi Pareek, Beauty Writer


Random Uncle’s WhatsApp Forwards

It's already a valid concern that we receive more inaccurate news every day and then for so many people to switch off all logic and share it across just for the sake of it is wild. To be clear, there are legal frameworks to prevent it but they are still quite vague. No wonder the random uncle who keeps sharing Whatsapp forwards/inciting hate after repeatedly being told how dangerous and wrong it is, keeps up at it. 

- Abhilasha Tyagi, Senior Fashion Writer

Going Online On WhatsApp While You Still Haven't Replied To Your Boss

Given that my job involves a lot of typing, I am not too much of a text person. This is why I often get too lazy when it comes to my WhatsApp replies and sometimes delay my responses even when I know that I have received a text from someone. That said, I am also a people pleaser and don’t want anyone to feel like I am ignoring them. Thus, every time I have to go online while I haven’t replied to someone, it just feels wrong. And God forbid if my boss is that person, I’d legit feel super paranoid as if I am doing something criminal. Not illegal but totally feels like it is! 

- Khushboo Sharma, Senior Writer

Not Loving Your Pet Enough

Not giving your pet that treat until they do what you ask. I swear to god, it feels so illegal! I have three cats and one dog and those puppy/kitty eyes are just...ugh. Makes you feel like a criminal for not giving them what they want sooo bad. That emotional blackmail, just no, it's the worst thing on earth. But there's another thing that feels just as illegal...asking someone to return the money that THEY owe you. Oh, the guilt!

- Janvi Manchanda, Content Writer

Coming Home Past Midnight In A Cab

My parents are relatively easy-going and let me do my own thing. Given that I’m 25 years old, it’s pretty much expected but in India, you can never be too sure. When I’m out with anyone, my parents are usually stuck to their phones because I have to call them to let them know that I’ve reached, and almost every time lie about who is dropping me home. Taking cabs after midnight isn’t illegal but it sure as hell feels like a crime, especially if you’re living in Delhi!

Anandita, Junior Editor

Taking Things You Bought From One General Store To Another

Your grocery shopping doesn’t end at one shop, you have to keep looking for the things you don’t find in the previous one. Now, you would say that’s pretty obvious. But go back one step and think. Taking all the things to another general store to buy a few Maggi packets feels very, very wrong ‘coz the shopkeeper might say ‘Madam, hamare yahan bhi yeh sab milta hai’. What would be your reaction then? People don’t talk about it but it feels illegal 😛.

- Kadambini Arora, Social Media Coordinator

Living With An Unmarried Partner

Indian society is strange. They will 100% accept--even CELEBRATE--you sleeping with a complete stranger on your wedding night, but living with a partner before getting married is considered a ghastly sin. Landlords won’t rent to you, maids look at you funny and gossip about you to other houses, and in general, if you’re a woman you’re treated like a sex worker. All because you don’t have a piece of paper called a marriage licence!

- Tanya Sharma, Junior Editor

Driving Barefoot!

NGL but those heels aren't the most comfortable pair of footwear I can think of when I'm driving. So obviously, the best option is to let go of them. We’ve all had those rides, when we’ve had to take off our heels to drive barefoot and man, it does feel weird. Also, I have one more--taking tea/coffee break when you know the tasks at hand are mounting up!
- Srishti Paruthi, Senior SEO Writer 
So ladies, which one do you think should actually be illegal?
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