It Is A Full-Time Job: Navya Nanda Shuts Down Troll Who Tried To Discredit Homemakers

It Is A Full-Time Job: Navya Nanda Shuts Down Troll Who Tried To Discredit Homemakers

During a conversation with my mother years ago, I joked and said that I should be a homemaker instead. My mother was quick to ask me a few questions. She wanted to know how much I'd get paid for running an entire house on my own. She also asked about my shift timings that wouldn't just be convenient for me but my entire family as well. Lastly, she asked when I planned to retire from my 'job'. Obviously, I was speechless and that day, I truly learned what being a homemaker is.

It is one of the toughest responsibilities someone can handle and sadly, often considered a thankless job. Something similar happened when Navya Naveli Nanda came across a comment that tried to discredit her mother, Shweta Bachchan Nanda by questioning her profession. She not only clarified that her mother is an author but also took the opportunity to bring attention to the fact that being a wife and a mother is a full-time job. Here's what she wrote:


Navya recently launched Project Naveli that promotes and works for gender equality. While talking about her initiative with Vogue India, she explained how growing up around working women had helped her understand the importance of financial independence. She said, "I've grown up around working women in my family—my grandmother, my mother, my bua—it's all I've known. To bring that change, you have to start with education and financial independence."

While a lot of her fans appreciated her effort of trying to bring an actual change in the country, a few downright trolled her for nepotism. However, a troll decided to look past the message she was trying to convey completely and rather focussed on discrediting her mother. The troll commented, "...what work does her mother do? Lol"

To that, Amitabh Bachchan's granddaughter quickly replied, "She's an author, writer, designer, wife & mother :)"  


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Coming back to Navya's response, she not only slammed the troll but also took a screenshot of the entire post and shared it on her Instagram story. She captioned the image and wrote, "Being a mother and a wife is a full-time job. Please don't discredit women who are homemakers. Their role is so crucial in the upbringing of a generation that will hopefully support their contribution instead of tearing it down."

We totally agree with what Navya said and hope those trolls learned a thing or two about the hard work that goes into being a homemaker as well.

Featured Image: Instagram