Team POPxo On The Infuriating Things Single Women Hear On An Everyday Basis

Team POPxo On The Infuriating Things Single Women Hear On An Everyday Basis

"If you are single in your early 20s, you are single. If you are single after 25, you're unmarried. And, if you're single after 30, you're unsettled." -Unknown

And that sums up the pulse of our Indian society perfectly. Moreover, if these words strike a familiar chord with you and make you feel repulsed as well, then chances are that you're single or 'unmarried'. And by now, we all know that being a single woman in India gives liberty to the society to give us unsolicited advice on everything under the sun. From what's our marriage plan to how 'adjusting' is our nature, our families and relatives want to know it all and have an opinion about everything. And if you know what we mean, then let us tell you that you ain't alone girl! We all have been there!

Team POPxo reveals some of the most exasperating things they have heard as a single woman.

7 Infuriating Things Single Women Hear On A Daily Basis

Team POPxo shares their struggle of dealing with family and relatives, who are obsessed with getting us 'settled' in life. 

“But Beta You’re Almost 30! Ab Kya Hoga?”

Aunties and rishtedaars act like if you aren’t married by the time you’re 30, you’ll trigger natural disasters like floods or earthquakes. Kya hoga, aunty? I’m guessing my life will continue exactly the way it is--full of love, laughter and learning. And I wouldn’t have it any other way!

-Tanya Sharma, Junior Editor

“Your fertile eggs will go to waste”

Also--“Aur zyada wait kara toh acche ladke nikal jayenge!”

A close relative of mine once told me in front of other family members that I should get married asap, max by the end of ‘this year’ (it was 2018) otherwise my eggs would get spoiled??? I cannot tell you how embarrassing that was, especially with my dad and brother sitting next to me!

- Aayushi Pareek, Beauty Writer 

"Oh I know a nice guy for you!"

While I am not single atm, not everyone knows that especially the relatives. And thus, every time I meet them, it’s pure hell. Honestly, what I am most tired of is relatives suggesting random rishtas the instant they see me. And they’d suggest literally anything just for the heck of it. Just last month, I heard a relative saying something on the lines of, “Bahut achcha ladka hai bus ladki ko job nahi karaega.” I mean, how is that an achcha ladka uncle??? 

-Khushboo Sharma, Senior Writer

“Trip? Vacation? No no. Do all that shaadi ke baad”

I have gone on several trips regardless of this statement (‘cus why not?) and I plan on doing the same after marriage as well. Though I would love to know from my family that how does a marriage certificate make me eligible to go on trips. How is it that I’m ‘too young’ to enjoy a holiday on my own but matured enough to take the responsibility of married life?

-Kanupriya, Writer

“Are you planning to settle down soon?”

If I had a penny for every time relatives pounced upon me with this question, let’s just say my bank balance would be pretty cool. The ‘you are next!’ at every wedding, small gathering and basically every little something is not even funny so I really don’t get the point. Like, chill for a second, distant cousin who can’t mind her own business. 

- Abhilasha Tyagi, Senior Fashion Writer

“Why are you still single? I don’t get it.”

The number of times I have rolled my eyes at this! It honestly is so infuriating because I am happy and you’d think that’s enough?! But nope, these aunties and nice-boys-finish-fast type of people have no chill.

-Drishti Kapadia, Senior Beauty Writer

"Stop Being So Picky!"

"Aise karegi toh ladka kaise milega tujhe. Thoda adjust karna seekho, get realistic beta. Ye fairytale ya movie nahi hai and tu princess nahi hai. Stop looking for a prince charming." I can't even begin to count the number of times I've heard something along these lines. And the interesting part about these statements is that they translate to 'lower your standards' because 'haye tauba, shaadi ki umar mein ladki single hai'. I mean c'mon! Nope, just no, thank you. I'm so glad I never paid attention to these comments.

- Janvi Manchanda , Content Writer

“Why don’t you install a dating app? I’m sure you’ll find love there”

I took their advice and downloaded a dating app. Although I couldn't find love on the app, I did manage to meet some amazing people in the process. Most of my dates took place at rock climbing centres, gaming arcades, tennis courts, night cycling events and kayaking. Even though our friendship didn't turn into love, we did end up making memories!

- Sharon Alphonso, Senior Beauty Writer

Ladies, how many such questions have you dodged in life?

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