90s Metallic Lips Are So On-Trend RN & We're Totally Here For It

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The metallic makeup trend is back, y'all and we're more than excited! If you are a 90s baby, then you know the importance of all things metallic back in the day. Whether it was futuristic music videos, flashy outfits, silver shoes, or even editorial makeup- the trend was everywhere! Well, now it's back and we're giving you the pout-fect way to try it out. 

We get it, metallic lipsticks are hard to pull off but with the correct technique and the right shade, it can become your fave type of lipstick in the entire world. Read on cause we're giving you a lowdown on how to rock this look.

How To Pull Of Metallic Lipsticks Like A Pro


If you've never worn a metallic lipstick or have tried it but it didn't look as good you thought it would, then you need to give it another shot. They are trendy, edgy, and will definitely make you stand out.

Find The Right Shade


The first step is to find the perfect shade for your lips as the wrong one can make you look completely washed out.

For Deeper Skin Tones: If you have a deeper complexion, then choose a metallic lipstick that is also deeper. You can also pull off OTT shades such as blue, green, and even orange like a boss!

You can also give lighter shades a try but let us warn you, may make you look really weird. Instead, go for a rose gold kind of shade and we bet you'll be rocking those selfies better than anyone.

For Medium Skin Tones: If you have a medium complexion, then opt for shades like reds or deeper maroons. A brown metallic lipstick will look so good on you, especially with a smokey eye or glittery lids for a night about town.

For Fairer Skin Tones: If you have a fair complexion, then go for lighter shades such as pinks or bright reds. Try wearing metallic red lipstick cause it'll look bomb.

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What's The Formula


Another way to find the perfect metallic lipstick is by choosing the right formula for your lips!

- If you have dry lips, then choose a creamy metallic lipstick as it'll not settle into your lips and stray away from darker shades as they'll make your lips so crusty.

- If you are planning to go for a full-blown metallic lipstick, then choose a bullet lipstick as its easier to apply. But if you are planning to mix your lipstick shade with another or giving ombre lips a try, then choose a liquid one.


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Decide Your Look


A metallic lipstick can be your new BFF or your worst enemy, it all depends on what kind of makeup look are you going for. Decide what kind of look you have in mid- subtle or super glamourous and choose your look accordingly.

- You can either go for a monotone look, complete with metallic lids and shimmery cheeks, or a bold lipstick shade while keeping the rest of your face bare or minimum.

- If you are choosing to wear a dark shade, then make sure it matches the vibe of your outfit and even the accessories.

- Lastly, it's all about confidence- just wear a smile cause you're a queen!

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