This Hairstylist Uses A Kitchen Sponge To Colour Hair & It Looks Freakin' Incredible!

hair colouring technique using kitchen sponge

We usually see MUA artists and manicurists do weird beauty trends on the internet, but hairstylists? Only a handful. Say hello to Michigan-based hairstylist and colourist, Kelsey Martin. If you scroll through her Instagram feed, you will be in for a visual treat. Avant-garde hairstyles and dramatic hair colours - it's the epitome of art!

This Hairstylist Used A Kitchen Sponge To Apply Hair Colour & It's Genius!

She recently made headlines after posting a video of herself colouring a client's hair using a kitchen sponge (yes, a kitchen sponge) Watch the video below:

Isn't it oddly satisfying to watch? Especially when she sponges the colour on- you can watch it on loop all day long! 

In an interview with a popular digital magazine, Kelsey Martin said that she has a handful of clients who love experimenting with their hair and encourage her creative side. Since she's always wanted to try something new, she came up with this cool hair colouring technique. 

Deets About The Process

First, Martha pre-lightens the client's hair to a pale blonde colour (This acts as a base for her masterpiece) She later uses a brand new kitchen sponge to dab different hair coloured dyes over the hair. Instead of opting for a traditional dyeing method, she believes that dabbing the colour with a sponge is far more effective than using a brush. (Especially to create technicolour designs like this one)

Martin adds that this hair colour looks best on shorter hairstyles than on longer ones. You could try this hair dyeing technique on longer hair, but the results would be different, and the colour won't be as bright.

This hairstyle works for women who love play around with different hairstyles and unique hair colours. While this hair colouring technique looks easy to do, it doesn't seem like the best idea to try it out at home. It could go downhill pretty fast. She recommends using temporary dyes and coloured glosses when trying this hair colouring technique.



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Nevertheless, would you give this hair colour technique a shot? We know you secretly want to. *wink*

Featured Image: Instagram