Girl On The Glow: This Sparkly Toner Is The Secret To My Dewy Skin!

 GLOW Iridescent Brightening Toner by MyGlamm
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A Gentle Reminder: Your CTM routine is incomplete without a toner.

This skincare product helps to remove makeup residue, tighten your pores, and helps to balance the skin's pH levels. While there are plenty of toners available in the market, not all of them will be kind to your skin. The ones formulated with alcohol, parabens, and mineral oils are terrible for the skin. You need a toner that's free from the nasties and will love your skin to the fullest- say hello to the GLOW Iridescent Brightening Toner by MyGlamm!

What Is It?

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GLOW Iridescent Brightening Toner
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The GLOW Iridescent Brightening Toner by MyGlamm is a soothing toner that's infused with hyaluronic acid, iridescent pearl powder and rosehip oil. Not only does it maintain the skin's elasticity, but also moisturises and brightens up the skin. This cruelty-free product is suitable for all skin types and helps to give the skin a healthy glow. 

Why Do We Love It?

From all the toners I've used in the past, this one is super gentle on my skin. The product looks like sparkly unicorn tears and when applied, instantly gets absorbed into my pores. More than giving my skin a natural glow, it hydrates and moisturises it to the tea. This magical toner teamed with the GLOW Iridescent Brightening Essence is the recipe for glowing skin! 


Texture - 8/10

Packaging - 10/10

Formula - 8/10

How Do You Use It?

After washing your face with a cleanser, pour a tiny amount of toner product on a cotton pad. Then, gently sweep the cotton pad all over your face and neck. After applying your toner, follow it up with essence, serum or moisturiser

What Does The Product Look Like?

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You can use this toner once at night and once in the morning. It's the perfect product you need by your side when you want squeaky clean pores and a radiant complexion. 

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