7 V-Day Gift Ideas For Your Galentines, 'Coz They Are Your True Soulmates!

7 V-Day Gift Ideas For Your Galentines, 'Coz They Are Your True Soulmates!

Valentine's Day is almost here! And, if you are someone who did not read that line with utmost excitement but instead with an exhausted sigh, then the chances are that you simply despise this lovey-dovey occasion filled with mush. Don't worry, we totally get you! But here's the thing--you might not believe in the tradition of celebrating the day of love, but you can surely enjoy it with you BFFs. Ditch Valentine's day and celebrate Galentine's Day instead, which falls on February 13 every year.

Excited? Of course, you must be! Who doesn't want to express their love for their awesome besties who have been by your side through thick and thin? From dragging you to fun parties to cussing that toxic ex of yours, your bestie has always been there for you. So, if someone truly deserves your declaration of love in the second week of Feb, then it's surely your BFF.

And to do just that, here are some amazing gift ideas that you can present to your forever Galentine!

7 Gifts You Can Give Your BFF On Galentine's Day

Whether your bestie is a major accessory lover or obsessed with her skincare regime, these gift ideas are perfect for all of them! 

MyGlamm Skincare Kit


Glow Skincare Everyday Essentials Kit

INR 3,585 AT MyGlamm

A great way to say that your bestie makes your life LIT AF is by giving her the #GiftOfGlamm. These amazing (tried, tested, and effective) products are going to make your BFF's skin look absolutely RAD and healthy. The best part is that it is a complete package for an AM or PM skincare routine and once she gets this, she won't need to look for anything else when it comes to her skin.

Pouf It Up



INR 4,500 AT The Rug Republic

If your Galentine loves to decorate her place with everything nice and chic, then this furry stool is a must-have for her. These stools can give quite a glamorous look to someone's place and we especially love the soft touch of the plush fabric.

The Perfect Crossbody


Lilah Saddle Crossbody Bag

INR 3,800 AT Forever New

As a woman, you might know it already but we're going to say it again--there's no such thing as 'enough' bags. Because frankly, we always have space for one more bag in our closets. And if you and your BFF believe the same, then here's the perfect gift to give her on Galentine's Day--a super stylish crossbody by Forever New!

MyGlamm Eye Makeup Kit

Make Up

Manish Malhotra Eye Advanced Makeup Kit by MyGlamm

INR 1,999 AT MyGlamm

If your bestie loves being extra and if you love all her dramatic antics, then express the same with this super amazing eye makeup kit by MyGlamm. 

P.S. The eyeshadow palette is highly pigmented and just a dab will do the job perfectly!

Kama Ayurveda Gift Box

Skin Care

Kama Ayurveda 10 Piece Bestseller Gift Box

INR 1,000 AT Kama Ayurveda

This entire kit is super affordable and a great deal if you're looking for something wholesome. Why go for five different products when you can get ten in just one box? Plus, the fact that it comes with ayurvedic goodness makes it a perfect gift for Galentine's Day. 

Kitsch Earrings By My Meera Store


Flower Shower

INR 1,200 AT My Meera Store

While we doubt that there will hardly be anyone who won't love these dainty earrings, we suggest that you gift it to your bestie who's a beach baby. The beautiful hues of the agate stones are definitely going to remind her of clear blue ocean and sky instantly.

Triangular Ring


Triangular Ring Citrine

INR 1,999 AT Housee of Cleeo

Alright, we know that gifting rings on V-day is quite a cliche. But hey wait, it doesn't count if you're gifting it to your Galentine! Moreover, who can say no to such a stunning piece by Housee of Cleeo with asymmetrical stones? 

So ladies, which gift did you choose for your Galentine?

Featured Image: Unsplash