6 Celebrities Who Ditched The Basic Reds And Pinks & Rocked Bold Lip Colours

Celebrity Whacky Lipsticks

Makeup for me is a tool of self-expression and art. I think of myself as a canvas on which I love to experiment, be it with colourful eyeshadow looks or with bright lipsticks. Well, sometimes those experiments work but most of the time they're pretty much a disaster. If like me, you're always on the lookout for whacky makeup inspo, then your fav celebs are here to give it. 

They're bold, they're out of the box and if you're sick of alternating between nude and red lipsticks, then maybe you should venture out of your comfort zone just like these stars did. 

6 Celebrities Who Pulled Off Whacky Lip Shades

Sara Ali Khan


Sara Ali Khan rocked a blue lipstick at the beach and looked hella fine doing that. We know it's jarring for many but people who love experimenting should totes check out this colour. The key here is picking the right shade for your skin tone. Sometimes pastel blues don't look as good in person as they do on the runway so picking a navy blue might be easier.



Cream Lip Stain - 116 Galactic Blue

INR 1,220 AT Sephora Collection



Rihanna has always been one for shaking it up when it comes to makeup. She wore a black lipstick shade and even did a makeup tutorial on it when she was launching her very own Fenty Beauty version of it. It's bold and it'll definitely make a statement. Even if it is for a themed party, we suggest you do try out this hue once in your life.


Satin Matte Lipstick- Slayer

INR 500 AT Disguise Cosmetics

Aishwarya Rai


The queen of eccentric makeup, Aishwarya Rai wore this offbeat lipstick shade way before everyone else did. Of course, the internet didn't love it as much because she soon became the butt of all memes and jokes. She paired it with a black smokey eye and a bronzed skin look. If you don't want to wear a bright purple shade like this one, a deeper hue would be easier to pull-off.


Artist Liquid Matte Lip Stick - #501 Purple

INR 2,050 AT Make Up For Ever

Amber Rose


Okay, it takes guts to pull off a lip shade like this, and Amber Rose sure has 'em. If you want to go for this futuristic shade, we suggest keeping the rest of the makeup to a bare minimum and let this be the prime focus. 



Rouge G de Guerlain Lipstick - N°111

INR 2,950 AT Guerlain

Nia Sharma


Honestly, we don't even know how to describe Nia Sharma's lipstick colour. It's a grey- blueish shade with hits of lilac too. Well, if there's anyone who can totes rock this lippie, it's Nia. Again, keep the lips as the front and centre and pick an outfit that is neutral so that you don't look too OTT.


Le Rouge Night Noir - N4 Night In Blue


Jennifer Lopez


The queen of bronzed skin makeup, JLo wore yellow lipstick once and the world hasn't been able to forget it to this day. Of course, it's Lopez so she looked great in it because she looks great in pretty much everything but I'm not sure how we mere mortals would look in it. If you do want to try it out, we suggest opting for a sheer-toned yellow that doesn't look so stark.



LIT - pH Lip Balm - Main Squeeze

INR 345 AT MyGlamm

So, which of these out of the box shades are you inspired to try?

Featured Image: Instagram