Love Is In The Air: 7 Dreamy Valentine's Day Perfumes That'll Make Bae Swoon And How!

Love Is In The Air: 7 Dreamy Valentine's Day Perfumes That'll Make Bae Swoon And How!

We're pretty sure you know your Valentine's Day plans by now. Whether you're indulging in a self-care Sunday ritual or are planning a romantic date with your boo, smelling nice is mandatory. So, we're listing down some of the best fragrances for V-day that will make you smell heavenly.

7 Of The Best Valentine's Day Fragrance To Try


J'adore Eau De Parfum


This is a classic fragrance and there's no other quite like it. It's got the essence of ylang-ylang and notes of Damascus rose along with jasmine grandiflorum. It's a very long-lasting perfume and one that everyone will remember. So if you're going for a Valentine's Day party with your bae, then wear this to send them into a frenzy.



Fleur De Patchouli

INR 1,590 AT Zara

For luxury on a budget, pick this perfume by Zara created by Jo Malone. It is more of a unisex scent so if you're not into extremely feminine fragrances, this is the one to go for. It has notes of wood, warm spice, patcholi, and rose giving it a nice blend here and there. This would be a perfect pick if you want to carry something along for your V-day weekend getaway.


Roses De Chloe Eau De Toilette

INR 5,450 AT Chloe

Okay, this perfume bottle is so freakin' cute! Rose does seem like an overpoweringly sweet scent but Chloe does it perfectly well. It's light, fresh, and not at all overwhelming. This one is the perfect pick for a Valentine's Day brunch, so go ahead and add it to your cart.


Orange Blossom Cologne

INR 9,400 AT Jo Malone London

Jo Malone perfumes are super expensive but totally worth the hype. The one has notes of clementine flower which has a bitter-sweet scent, white lilac that adds some freshness and has woody tones for the base. C'mon, you deserve the splurge!


Pure XS For Her Eau De Parfum


This is a very sensual, provocative perfume that has the notes of ylang-ylang, popcorn accord, vanilla, sandalwood, and ambrette seeds. It's sexy, and one whiff of you will make your partner weak in the knees. Spritz it on your pulse points and it'll last all night long.


Libre Eau De Parfum


For those of you who love floral scents, it doesn't get better than this one by Yves Saint Laurent. It combines lavender essence with orange bloom along with musk accord. The bottle is very chic and will look stunning on your vanity. Trust us, if you wear this to your dinner date, your boo will be more eager to gobble their food down and take you home instead.


White Musk Flora Fragrance Mist

INR 956 AT The Body Shop

For those of you who don't want to spend too much, this Body Shop fragrance works like magic. It's the cult fav white musk fragrance that is super long-lasting. For people who love floral scents, this is going to be a game-changer.

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