Romance Isn't Dead: 6 Of The Best Valentine's Day Beauty Gifts For Every Stage Of Dating

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Shopping can be intimidating. Whether it's for someone you've been with all your life or a new beau, buying makeup, skincare or haircare products can be risky but if you choose wisely, the gifts will be highly appreciated. We've put together a list of Valentine's Day gifts you can consider giving your significant other, no matter what stage of dating you're at. The best part? They're as close to being universally flattering as possible, in terms of colour and texture.

Here Are The Best Valentine's Day Gifts For Every Stage Of Dating

The Getting-To-Know-Each-Other Stage

Make Up

The Beauty Blender All Glitter Kit

INR 3,900 AT Beauty Blender

Beauty novices and enthusiasts both swear by the cult-favourite sponge. This kit comes with two Beauty Blenders and a glittery case that allows you to store both of them so that they dry up without getting moldy. 

The Situationationship-Stage



INR 1,500 AT MyGlamm

Nothing says 'I care about you' like gifting a makeup or skincare enthusiast something that will help them organize their beauty stash. This pouch can house everything they need, especially if they're always on the go. Trust us, they'll bless you because rummaging through their bags looking for the lost lipstick will be a thing of the past!

The We-Just-Started-Dating Stage


Mercury Retrograde Eyeshadow Palette

INR 5,375 AT Huda Beauty

Eye makeup looks having been reigning supreme on Instagram, which is why the receiver of this gift will not question you when you present it to them. Instead, they'll be rendered speechless by the 18 beautiful, buttery formulas that blend effortlessly. Can you think of anything that makes a better first Valentine's Day present?

The We're-In-The-Honeymoon-Phase Stage


Opal Blue Pillowcase

INR 5,549 AT Dame Essentials

This frizz-killing, silk pillowcase is the ideal gift if you want to make show them, yes you're listening and yes, you care and yes, you both will be in this happy phase forever. I mean, is there anything more thoughtful than someone caring about the fact that cotton pillowcases tend to absorb all the moisture from skin and hair, leaving them dry? Nope, there isn't. 

The It's-Serious-Between-Us Stage


Caramel Stone Wax Lipstick, Caramel Brown

INR 1,250 AT Tinge

By now, you must've figured out what kind of makeup your significant other prefers. If you know the shades and tones she prefers, there is nothing like whipping up a customised lipstick for her. Get an appointment with Sabrina Suhail to create a custom shade or make one using the website's DIY feature! 

The Romance-Isn't-Dead-Stage


MyGlamm Gift Of Glamm Box For Megastars

INR 7,360 AT MyGlamm

This XL box of makeup goodies consists of everything a makeup or skincare lover could want. From prepping skin (2 sheet masks included) to eye makeup, a setting powder and even nail paints, this gift set is the stuff of dreams! The contents of it guarantee a jaw drop reaction, promise! 

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Featured image: Instagram