Attention, Skincare Enthusiasts! What In The World Is Microbiome & Why Should You Care?

microbiome skincare products

There's a new skincare buzzword on the block, and everyone in 2021 is talking about it. If you said 'microbiome', pat yourself on the back! We know the term sounds like a word straight out of a biology textbook, but interestingly, it has something to do with science. Similar to the gut's microbiome, the skin has them too. Today, we're going to go skin deep into the subject.

What Is The Skin Microbiome All About?


According to a New York dermatologist Dr Marnie Nussbaum, the skin microbiome has billions of bacteria, fungi and viruses that compromise the skin's microbiota. There are 1 billion microbes per square centimetre. The good bacteria on the skin's surface helps to maintain the skin's immunity and prevents the growth of pathogens that cause eczema and psoriasis.

If the healthy composition of microorganisms and bacteria on the skin gets disturbed, the skin can either break out or get inflamed. Some factors that disrupt the skin are over-exfoliation, lathering soaps and using topical antibiotics. Not only will these dry out the skin, but also ruin its texture. Thus, for the sake of healthy skin, avoid interfering with your skin when it isn't required.


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Say Hello To Microbiome Skincare


If you over-wash or disrupt the skin's natural pH levels, you haven't to worry about which product to use anymore, because, in the future, we'll have microbiome skincare. The type of products that aren't only gentle for the skin, but adds bacteria to the skin. Unlike like probiotic skincare that uses probiotic elements to treat the skin, microbiome-infused products are great for sensitive skin types and won't disrupt the skin's microflora environment.

Although microbiome skincare is still at a work-in-progress stage, we should have them some time with us in 2021. Who is the correct target audience for these products? People who are in their teens and early 20s. At this tender age, when most of us have oily skin and go through an acne phase, we often turn to products that over-dry the skin. 

When the skin becomes overly dry, it forces the sebaceous glands into overdrive to produce more oil to maintain the pH and moisture levels. We often turn to skincare products that end up making the situation worse. With microbiome skincare products by our side, we'll finally have products that will understand our skin and do a fab job at restoring its healthy balance of good bacteria.

Until we get our hands them, we'll have to make do with microbiome-friendly skincare products and probiotic products. 

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