2021 Is Going To Be All About Body Care In The Beauty World & Here's How You Can Do It Too

2021 Is Going To Be All About Body Care In The Beauty World & Here's How You Can Do It Too

In the year 2020, we saw the resurgence of skincare, most particularly, face care. Everyone began making skin a priority and started investing a good amount of time and money in skincare products to keep their face glowing, and radiant.

While your double cleansing routine, religious serum application, and daily moisturising shouldn’t stop in 2021, you also need to take into account the skin on the rest of your body. Your epidermis all over is as important as the skin on your face and to keep it nourished and healthy, you need to give it the right amount of TLC (especially after all that hand washing we've done and are still doing).

In 2021, body care is going to take over your Insta feed as we’re going to see more head-to-toe treatments that will give the skin on your entire body the attention it deserves. Keep on reading to find out how you can start off the new year by pampering your skin the right way.

All Over Exfoliation

You cannot have body care without exfoliation. The skin all over your body produces dead skin cells, which when not removed, can lead to clogged pores which further leads to skin issues. So, to get a good start to your body care routine, you need to pay close attention to full body exfoliation. But instead of your regular oil-based scrubs, use products enriched with hydrating acids that will not only slough of the dead skin, and dirt but also eliminate dryness and dullness while encouraging a healthy cell turnover and stimulating collagen.

Skin Care

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Hand Treatment

Since we aren’t free from this virus even in 2021, hand washing isn’t going anywhere. In order to protect the skin on your hands, it is important to keep it moisturised if you want to avoid dryness, peeling and eczema. For this body care treatment, look for products that have thicker emollients such as protective oils that will restore the skin barrier after all that hand washing and use of alcohol-enriched hand sanitisers.


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Retinol For The Body


By now, you are well aware of the benefits of retinol for the face, but did you know that this ingredient can be used for your body care as well? Retinol body creams and oils, as well as neck creams, can reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines all over your body while giving you radiant skin.


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Vitamin C To The Rescue

Yes, whatever products work for the skin on your face, need to be incorporated into your body care as well. Vitamin C enriched body lotions help reduce sunspots on the arms and legs as well as chest, leaving the skin clear and supple.


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At-Home Spa Treatments

Many are already experts when it comes to pampering their skin at home. But now, along with the sheet masks, you also need the pamper the skin on the rest of your body by not only using the right body care products but also investing in self-massage tools like derm-rollers. These not only help the oils seep deep within the epidermis better but also encourage blood flow through the entire body.


Skin Care

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This year, make sure that body care is on the top of your resolution list.

Featured Image: Pexels