5 Versatile Winter Fits I Rely On To Keep It Going 'Coz Baby It's Cold Outside (& Inside)!

5 Versatile Winter Fits I Rely On To Keep It Going 'Coz Baby It's Cold Outside (& Inside)!

Well it is, isn't it? Most parts of the country are going through that teeth-chattering cold and even if you are working from the safety of your homes, there seems to be no escaping it. Considering the cold wave is going to last for some time, it's only practical to pivot your wardrobe along a functional route (if you haven't already). This brings me to classic separates that will, without a doubt, stand out in your closet, year after year. And in case you are taking the 'buy less, wear more often' approach as you lean towards responsible buying practices, the added bonus is that these can be styled in more ways than you could imagine!

Classic Meets Versatile: 5 Outfits From My Winter Wardobe

For me, this year has been a revelation in keeping it sustainable (read more about how it happened here) and then in a way, it's been a fun learning. Why hoard up when you can experiment with what you already have! That led way to a winter wardrobe, ranging from formal, somewhat casual and in-between, that relied on classics. Just ahead, five looks I fall back on come winter and now that you are here, you can too!

The Formal Look


No, I am not stepping out this year and the formal dos of all kinds are limited to my Zoom screen (hello waist-up looks only) but hey, keeping an outfit ready never hurt anyone! Enter this almost all-black look which is my go-to. A timeless turtleneck and a blazer, both black and separates I have owned for years, are what I team with different trousers and accessories+ makeup for a distinct look each time. Work, last-minute events and dinner plans; the idea works each time! In case you are missing the wardrobe staple (read blazer) in your wardrobe, add one to it.


Women Schiffli Embroidered Single-Breasted Black Blazer

INR 1,000 AT Outryt


Jet Set Eyes Kajal Eyeliner - Noir

INR 750 AT MyGlamm

Long Layers (But Make It Snug!)


Ideal for stepping out for a grocery run, a socially-distanced hang and even work, these layers are bound to keep you snug and that's something I will attest to. Again, it's a mix of basics—dad jeans-meets-black sweater-meets-a layer underneath. The hero of this outfit would most certainly be the long knitted outerwear that I copped from a shop in Mussoorie. Luckily, you can get a similar one online. Scroll to take a look at it along with more winter fits.


Women Grey Self Design Sweater

INR 2,024 AT Vero Moda

Effortless Chic


I love to rework co-ords into different looks and so here is one—the sweater from the last one styled a tad bit differently. It wasn't as cold when I tried this look and hence I kept it minimal by simply adding a classic white shirt and a pair of skinny jeans. I opted for black footwear to match with my winter outfit but TBH, you can switch it up by choosing any from your existing collection.


Black High Neck Solid Sweater


Craft Detail


This one could easily be my favourite, the reason being that it champions stellar craft. This hand-knit shawl was made by my mother during the early days of quarantine and simply draping it casually over my shoulders instantly uplifts any outfit I wear. Made completely out of recycled wool, it's been a preferred accessory to reach out for putting together a waist-up look for virtual meets. For stoles and shawls, you can get plenty of options at homegrown labels and rest assured, you can also work it with a blended version like the investment piece listed below. 


Avani-Kumaon Silk Wool Shawl

INR 7,000 AT Okhai



Having been indoors for more than 10 months, my WFH winter wardrobe is screaming pyjamas. And though there are quite a few options I can now rely on, this ribbed pair in slate grey (appears black on occasion) is being worn on repeat. Helps that I can team it with my favourite black co-ords for some semblance of order. Find yours below, should you be missing out. 


Black Track Pant

INR 699 AT Jockey

As I said, it's all about putting versatile classics together for a failsafe look. Whatever you add to your closet, make sure to style and wear it multiple times!

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