These Makeup Trends Are Going To Be All The Rage In 2021 & We've Got All The Deets

These Makeup Trends Are Going To Be All The Rage In 2021 & We've Got All The Deets

It’s officially 2021 and that means another round of beauty trends that we're so excited to try out. Since face masks aren’t going anywhere even in the new year, more emphasis has been given to eye makeup in 2021 and we’ve got all the deets on the latest styles that are going to soon take over your social media feeds. Whether you love all things minimalistic or are all for show-stopping looks, you’re bound to find something you like.

Aside from eye makeup, there are a few other makeup looks that are also set to take over so there’s something for everyone. From letting your eyes do the talking to bringing back makeup looks from a certain era, scroll on down to find out what you can expect this year when it comes to makeup trends.

Complex Graphic Eye

In 2020, we saw the birth of the basic graphic cat-eye all thanks to Ariana Grande. Now this year, be prepared for a more complex version of this eye makeup look which incorporates intricate designs that are sure to embody your personality and get people talking even when you have a face mask on.


Ultime Pro A Matte Made In Heaven Ink Eyeliner

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‘90s Takeover

If you love Rachel Green’s makeup, then good news, the ‘90s muted makeup is making a comeback. With the resurgence of this trend, we’ll see more muted colours like tans, sage greens, pistachios, and baby blues while there’ll be fewer metallics and glitter. Along with the ‘90s, the ‘60s MOD makeup is also predicted to take over the beauty charts this year in a huge way.


POSE HD Lipstick - Caramel

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Natural Coverage Foundation

The natural foundation is here to stay, although the application method might change a bit. Demi-matte foundation which is a dewy and semi-matte combo is said to rule over the natural foundation look as it enhances the texture of the skin, absorbs extra oil, and leaves you with a non-shiny complexion. With the natural foundation look, you can either opt to cover up your scars and freckles or show them off by only creating an even skin tone.

Make Up

MyGlamm Treat Love Care Brightening Foundation

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Bold Eye Colours

As stated earlier, eye makeup is going to continue to dominate the beauty world. Along with graphic eyeliner, bold shadows like baby blue lids or a sparkly purple lip are also going to be a crowd favourite as they add a bit of playfulness to the entire look.


Mercury Retrograde Eyeshadow Palette

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While these are predicted to be a hit this summer, stay tuned as there is still more makeup looks yet to come.

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