Love High-Quality Products? Here's Everything You Need To Know About Small Batch Beauty

small batch beauty

What a time to be alive when small-batch micro-companies are growing popular by the day, right? These independent companies may not produce products at a mass scale, but they do put their heart and soul into creating quality products. These niche brands usually have their values aligned with their products - and that's what sets them apart from other businesses. We welcome you to the world of small-batch beauty!

What Is Small-Batch Beauty?


Small batch beauty's concept is self-explanatory. They make beauty products in small batches. These products are usually created in a person's kitchen or tiny warehouse. They're handcrafted and have a high-quality assurance. The brand is usually handled by one or a small group of people. 

They're responsible for marketing, packaging, selling, conceptualizing and creating the product. Unlike other beauty giant companies, they usually don't have the budget to sell their products through powerful advertisements. They usually climb up the ladder by word of mouth, through Instagram, selling on Etsy or collaborating with beauty influencers and bloggers. 


Plantin, Bamboo And Charcoal Organic Dry Shampoo

INR 400 AT Juicy Chemistry

Small Batch Companies Vs Macro Beauty Companies


If you're buying products from a small-batch beauty company, you will notice that the ingredients they use in their products are fresher and of a higher concentration. Unlike macro beauty companies, their products have a shorter shelf life and contain natural preservatives or none at all.

These companies rely on essential oils to keep the bacteria at bay. Macro companies need to use preservatives such as parabens and petrochemicals to increase a product's shelf life. In the process of using these chemicals, the quality and purity of the product take a hit.



Noraa Ultra Soft Organic Sanitary Pads

INR 299 AT Noraa

Another point to be noted is the packaging. Macro beauty companies rarely focus on sustainable packaging. Plastic is a common material used. On the other hand, small-batch beauty companies opt for eco-friendly and recyclable packagings such as glass, wood, stickers, jute, paper, tins and metal boxes. They carefully source their materials and strictly keep away from animal testing and diluted ingredients.

By supporting local businesses, you indirectly help to create more jobs and better quality products. If you notice, small-batch beauty companies have a personal touch to their products. It's an extension of who they are as people, and they care about your inputs and needs as a customer. Commercial beauty companies focus more on sales and bulk production than creating products for an individual customer. 


Hyaluronic Acid & Vitamin C Brightening Serum

INR 2,250 AT Neemli Naturals

Where To Buy Small-Batch Beauty Products?


As mentioned above, small-batch beauty companies rely on the internet, word of mouth, flea markets, pop up stores and bazaars to sell their products. This opportunity gives the consumer a chance to meet the founders and learn about their products. Since they know their products well, they'll help answer your beauty queries and curate products for you.

They swear by honesty and are, in most cases, transparent with their brand values, the ingredients they use and the products they create.

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