Soft & Silky: This #SkincareApproved Ingredient Can Do Wonders For Your Hair Too!

Soft & Silky: This #SkincareApproved Ingredient Can Do Wonders For Your Hair Too!

When it comes to hair care, there are so many things you can do. Indulge in monthly hair spas, get a hot oil hair massage, apply hair masques and so much more. The idea is to deeply nourish the scalp and roots so that your hair looks shiny and strong.

Maintaining healthy hair is a task unless you're born with good genes. And on top of that, there are so many factors such as sunlight, pollution and heating appliances, that take a toll on your hair on a daily basis. And if you are looking for a new ingredient to add to your hair care routine, we give you shea butter! Yup, that sweet-smelling, intensely hydrating butter that is a boon for the parched skin.

Shea Butter For Hair


Just think about it. A creamy, buttery substance that is jam-packed with hydrating ingredients--how can it not benefit our hair too? Made from the fat extracted from brown nuts of the shea tree, it's numerous benefits for your hair will convince you to try it today.

As A Hair Mask

If you have dry hair, then using shea butter might be the solution you had been looking for all your life. Since it's infused with fatty acids and vitamins, it will not only deeply nourish your hair but also calm them.

You can either mix a dollop of shea butter in a hair mask or apply it directly to your mane. Keep it for about 15-20 minutes before washing off.

Why will it work?

Shea butter is excellent to add moisture. It is infused with vitamin E, oleic fatty acids, linoleic, etc which helo fight free-radical damage. Also, the triglycerides (a type of fat) found in shea butter are excellent for both hair and skin.

To Moisturise Dry Hair

Just like shea butter moisturises dry skin, it is also excellent for dry hair and scalp. The best way is to apply it directly on your scalp all the way to your strands. Tie your hair in a loose bun and keep it covered in a shower cap for about 30 minutes before washing your mane.

You'll notice your hair feeling smoother and healthier with every use.

Why will it work?

As mentioned before, shea butter is enriched with hydrating ingredients that not only deeply nourishes the roots but also tames the mane. And if you want your hair to look great post-wash, then take a pea-sized amount, rub it into your hands and apply it on your hair. Yup, exactly like you use your hair serums!


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Helps Calm Damaged Hair

One of the worst hair-related nightmares is broken, damaged hair. Split-ends, burnt hair (due to overuse of heating appliances) or even colour treated hair- hair damage comes in so many forms. Unfortunately, the only way to get rid of them is chopping your hair as it cannot be undone. But, you can always make them seem healthy, even if they are not...with shea butter!

Time to tame those splintering hair strands and kind of undo the damage with shea butter. Since it's infused with moisturizing ingredients, it'll help tame thy mane and also make it soft to touch. Just apply it on your strands an hour before washing your hair and we bet you'll be obsessed.


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Ready to try shea butter for your hair? We bet you are!

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