#POPxoSoRelatable: 11 Things You'll Get If You're The Only Single Person In Your Group

#POPxoSoRelatable: 11 Things You'll Get If You're The Only Single Person In Your Group

Behind every successful couple, there's a friend who is single AF in life. They are either giving advice to all the lovebirds in the group or are often spotted third-wheeling on a couple's date night. Being the only single person in your group can be a tiring task. But hey, it has got some perks too! For example, you never need to deal with relationship problems in the first place and you can actually dedicate all your time to Netflix and books instead of mushy routine calls with bae. If you can figure out where we are going with this, then congratulations, you have officially settled in well with your singlehood! And to celebrate that, let's check out some common things that only the ones who are single in the friend group will find relatable.

11 Things You Will Relate To As The Only Single Person In Your Group

Hey there! While your friends are busy doing all the couple-esque things, why don't you read these instances that your single self will relate to?

They All Come To You For Advice

You're the gyaani babas of the group who have the best advice for every relationship problem. Whether the couple needs to take a break, give space, act as spies or hold on to each other tighter, you know everything better than the couple themselves. Frankly, we won't judge you if you end up thinking that 'apun ich bhagwan hai!'

Why Are You Single Though?

Sadly, sometimes the advice that you give to your friends backfires. The insight you hold into relationship matters makes everyone wonder why are you single in the first place! Well, good question, but let your friends know that you love giving advice, and not taking it from others!

Couple Entry Free, Stag Entry Worth A Dime

We totally understand if you want to start a petition against clubs and parties that have different entry fees for stags and couples. And by that we mean, the couples get to enter the party for free whereas the stags have to pay a dime. I mean, is that a punishment for being single? 

Your Friends Are Always Finding You A Date

...and that brings us to the part where your friends are always trying to find you a date. Whether you are attending a house party or going out with your friends, chances are that your BFF is already acting as your wingman/woman and calculating potential suitors for you. Honestly, that's not so bad, is it?

Third, Fifth, Seventh, & So On Wheel

If there's one thing you have tried to figure out since childhood, it is this--why pathways are not wide enough for three people because you always end up walking behind the couple. In fact, you always act as the third wheel while hanging out with your friends and their partners. However, deep down you know it's not that bad because it's always a great idea to have more friends in life.

When Your BFF's Partner Is The Third Wheel

It's weekend and you have plans with your BFF. But then you realise that your BFF comes as a package deal. And spending the regular Saturday night with your bestie also means spending it with her partner. While it's all fun and game initially, it might get overwhelming later. When that happens, let your bestie know that you also need her at times.

All That Drama... Too Much!

Sometimes, all you want is to spend some quality time with your buddies where you guys have lighthearted conversations, jokes, and catch up on everything else. However, your mood can dampen terribly when your friends end up being the couple who just cannot stop fighting with each other! 

Jeez, Get A Room

While there are the ones who cannot stop fighting, there are some couples who just cannot get enough of each other. Okay, we get it that you guys are smitten by each other but can you please tone down that PDA? Or simply get a room because singles the group are getting uncomfortable.

Haq Se Single!

Let's get this straight--you're single by choice. You have granted some time to your crush to come to their senses and fall in love with you or you are still looking for the right one, either way, it's your call to stay single. But those sympathetic stares that your friends give you assuming that you're a sad loner, can get annoying. So next time, just remind them what Zakir Khan said--you are haq se single! 

Too Much Time, Too Much Fun

Did they really think that you're a sad loner? LOL! While we agree that there might be times when you feel the need for  a companion, but you cannot deny that you love your *me-time* as well. You have all the time in the world to spend on yourself and mostly, you're the first one in the group to watch a new series or movies because the rest are busy scheduling dates with their partners to watch the shows together.

You Low-Key Judge All The Couple Around You

Yes, you do! You look at all the couples and make a list of things that you will or will never do with your partner. Honestly, you get loads of experience of a relationship without even being in a relationship, thanks to all your committed friends!

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