Trust Us, Nipple Creams Are The Answer To Having The Softest Hands Ever!

Trust Us, Nipple Creams Are The Answer To Having The Softest Hands Ever!

Your hands introduce you before you speak!

Getting your nails done is not the only way to make your hands look pretty. You have to take care of your hands too. Cleaning them properly, using a scrub to remove the dead skin and moisturizing it every day are a few things you can do to keep them soft.

And why not? Our hands go through so much every day. If you really think about it, you are constantly using your hands all the time, yup even to scroll your Instagram aimlessly. And ever since Miss Rona came into our lives, we have been washing our hands a lot more, thus losing moisture. But not anymore.

Keep on reading why this simple cream can put the moisture back into your hands and give you the softest hands, ever.

Trust Us, You'll Have Super Soft Hands After Using A Nipple Cream

As bizarre it may sound, a nipple cream actually works wonders for our hands and other parts of the body. Since its main objective is to soothe and calm irritated nipples, it's enriched with ingredients, especially lanolin, that can make your hands feel soft again.

Let's Talk About Lanolin


Lanolin is a yellowish wax that is secreted by wool-bearing animals. It is also called as wool yolk or wool wax and is used in many ointments and lotions for its amazing benefits. You must be wondering, why is it important?

It's because it is one of the main ingredients in a nipple cream and also because...

- It locks in moisture into the skin and deeply moisturises the skin from within.

- It is extremely rejuvenating.

- It heals cracked lips.

- It's also great for skin burn or small wounds.

- It helps heals cracked skin heal faster and even cracked heels.

- It also helps keep the skin looking plump and reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.



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How To Use It To Moisturise Hands

Just like you use your usual hand creams.  Squeeze out a dollop of nipple cream on the palm of your hands and massage it. Use it twice a day and we bet you'll have the softest hands ever.

Lanolin has been used as a primary ingredient in many body balms, lotions and cream, mainly due to its healing properties and also because it makes the skin feel soft and young again.


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Ready to put moisture back into your hands?

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