#Beauty101: 6 Essential Brushes Every Beginner Needs In Her Makeup Pouch

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As much as we love using our fingers to do our makeup, at some point you need to reach out for a brush or two. Don't get me wrong, blending a concealer with your finger does give it a seamless finish but using a brush helps with targeted application. When it comes to brushes, there are a plethora of options available but, contrary to what it may seem, you don't need to own all of them to put on a full face of makeup. So, we're here to help you in taking your beauty game up a notch with these essential makeup brushes

Here Are The Brushes You Need In Your Makeup Arsenal ASAP

Foundation Brush

Picking a foundation brush entirely depends on what kind of formulation and finish you prefer using. If you're using a liquid foundation and want more coverage, pick a flat foundation brush and if you're using a cream formula, a stippling brush should do the trick. For powder foundations, use a dual-coloured tip brush. The lighter tips allow you to actually see how much product you're picking up from the pan.

Make Up


INR 1,150 AT MyGlamm

Concealer Brush

This tiny, flat brush allows you to apply product on the smaller areas of your face with utmost precision. If you're looking to conceal your under-eyes or a blemish, this is the brush you should reach for. For creamy concealers, use a synthetic-bristled brush and for liquid ones, use natural bristles. 

PAC Concealer Brush - 395


Powder Brush

If you like to lightly set your makeup or build the intensity of powder blush or bronzer, invest in a good quality fluffy brush. The fluffier the brush, the lesser powder it picks up. This ensures that you never end up with clumps of powder on your face!


Powder Brush - 245


Angled Contour Brush

If faking Kareena Kapoor Khan's cheekbones is on your beauty wishlist, this brush is a must-have. Find a brush that has soft, angled bristles that allow you to pick up enough powder and blend it well. 

Contour Brush By Makeup Revolution

INR 1,050 AT Makeup Revolution  

Flat Eyeshadow Brush

Look for brushes with synthetic bristles as these are the ones that will help you to efficiently pack on powder and even glitter pigment on your lids. To intensify the pigment payoff of metallic eyeshadows, simple spritz this brush with some setting spray and then dip it in the pot.

MyGlamm: Eyeshadow Brushes for Eye Makeup - All Eye Need Shader Brush

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Eyeshadow Blending Brush

Whether you're looking to smoke out your lash line or deposit colour on your crease, this brush does it all. Want to fix a harsh line? This is the one you reach for. 


Eyeshadow Blending Brush 345

INR 395 AT PAC Cosmetics

What are you waiting for? Add these brushes to your cart and get blending! 

Featured image: Pexels