Don't Lash Out: What To Do If Your Fave Mascara Is Making You Lose Your Natural Lashes

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Put on some mascara and flutter away!

Using mascara is my favourite makeup step because of the way it lifts and opens up my eyes. Just two coats of your holy grail mascara are all you need to take your look from awesome to yass kween! And as much as we love using mascara on a daily basis, removing it can be a tad difficult. And no we don't mean that it doesn't come off easily but sometimes our lashes come off with it too. *In Shehnaaz Gill's voice*-- "So, kya karu mein? Mascara lagana chord du?"

Of course not! Keep reading to know how you can properly remove mascara if it's making you lose those precious lashes.

How To Properly Remove Mascara

Fuller lashes have a way of taking your makeup look to another level and probably why people love getting lash lifts and extensions. And using mascara is the cheapest alternative to get amazing lashes but removing them is a task. 

Wash It Off

If you've been wearing your mascara for longer durations, then chances are that your lashes will come off with it while removing it. To avoid this gruesome beauty nightmare, splash your eye area with water multiple times. Do not rub or massage but let the water break the mascara clumps. Then use a mild cleanser to completely remove the black residue.


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Micellar Water

Another great way to remove mascara goo from your lashes is by using micellar water. Just pour a few drops of micellar water into a cotton pad and put them over your eyes for a few minutes and then wipe off. Just make sure you do not rub it aggressively otherwise your lashes will break.

You can also use micellar water to get rid of mascara residue from your false lashes as well. Just pour 4-5 drops of micellar water into 2 cotton pads, place your falsies in it and then another cotton pad to seal it. Keep them overnight and in the morning, you'll be able to remove excess residue using a cotton earbud.


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Mascara Remover

Yes, a mascara remover!

There are a lot of mascara removers available in the market that can easily give you mascara-free lashes in no time. Just apply it on your lashes, wait for a few minutes and wash off. They are perfect to clean yourself after a wild night or to clean before dozing off because sleeping with your mascara is a big no no!


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Coconut Oil

Is there anything that coconut oil cannot do? It keeps our mane looking healthy at all times, boosts hair growth, helps moisturise the skin, soothes cracked heels and lips and whatnot. And guess what, you can totally use it to remove annoying mascara clumps for your lashes. Just pour a few drops of coconut oil on your fingers, rub it nicely and apply it to your lashes.

And if you're looking for a mascara that won't clump and will give you fuller lashes of your dreams , then you have to try the MyGlamm Twist It Mascara today.


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We bet now you won't 'lash' out, will you?

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