#RedHot: Here's How You Can Incorporate This Fiery Shade Into Your Beauty Routine

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Red is a colour like no other. It is sultry, hot, and oh-so-sexy. Just a touch of red in your makeup look can make you feel instantly glamorous. Red lips, nails, or even lids- we cannot get enough of this colour. 

And if you are someone who loves to look a little extra, then keep on reading to know how you can add the glamm quotient to your makeup look every day with a just hint of red.

How To Incorporate Red Into Your Makeup Routine

When it comes to makeup, red is indeed a top favourite. It looks great on women of every colour and the perfect choice if you wish to raise the temperatures. And if it's your fave shade too, then keep on reading to know how you can flaunt red, every day like it's NBD.

PS: Are you RE(a)D(y) for it?

The Perfect Red Lip


"Nothing says confidence and glamour like a classic red lipstick."

This couldn't be more relatable. There's something classic and gorgeous about red lips. Just a swipe of the most luxurious red lipstick you own can boost your confidence to another level. So wear it like the boss you are and go own it!


Too Faced Melted Matte Lipstick - Lady Balls

INR 1,600 AT Too Faced

For Them Lids

Eyes are the windows to the soul and there's no better way to exude power than a hint of red on your eyes. Red eyeliner, eyeshadow, or even mascara- the colour red looks so sexy on everyone. Do not be afraid of it, embrace it and we bet it'll become your fave shade, ever!


Incolor Master Stroke Liquid Eye Liner - 4 Fire

INR 239 AT Incolor

For A Flush Of Red


Using a hint of blush on my cheeks and nose is my fave trick to look instantly flushed. Even on the days that I do not feel like wearing makeup, I dab on a bright colour on the apples of my cheeks and apply kohl liner and I'm good to go.

Blush as a makeup product is so underrated (unless you're a 90s baby because we couldn't get enough of them) but thankfully, this vintage trend is coming back. And if you want to naturally flushed look then you're going to love applying a red tint on your cheeks, lips and nose.




For Those Sexy Claws

Your nails introduce you before you do! And what better way to exude badass vibes than with red nails? Let your nails be the star of your look because they go with both traditional and western outfits.


LIT Nail Enamel - Rad

INR 190 AT MyGlamm

Rocking That Red Hair

If you are someone who loves to experiment with her hair colour then the red hair trend deserves a try. It looks really nice and honestly, sometimes a change in our hair colour is all we need. Just pair it up with a smokey eye and nude lips look and we bet you'll look drop-dead-gorgeous.


Punky Colour Poppy Red

INR 1,149 AT Punky Colour

There's no colour like red, right?

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