Here's Why You Need To Breakup With Skincare Products And Habits That Sting Your Face

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The effectiveness of a beauty product depends on its ability to cause a burning sensation on the skin- the biggest lie ever! An occasional tingling sensation is okay, but not a constant burning feeling. That stuff's nasty! If your skin is burning and tingling every day after you using your cult beauty products, then maybe, they aren't safe for your skin type. Unhappy skin leads to inflammation, dryness, and flakiness. Here are the culprits behind it.

5 Reasons Your Skincare Is Damaging Your Skin

Don't say you weren't warned!

Manual Exfoliation Doesn't Always Feel Therapeutic


If you're someone who uses chemical exfoliators like glycolic acid, lactic acid or salicylic acid to get rid of dead skin cells, chances are, you have experienced mild tingling- that's okay. Usually, the burning sensation fades away after a few seconds. However, manual exfoliating is another ballgame by itself. Most of the face scrubs in the market have crushed walnut shells in them, grains, and microbeads formulated with menthol to energise the skin. Stay from them, because this type of burning sensation can last for minutes and trigger allergic reactions!

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That Face-Cleansing Brush Is No Friend of Yours

The skin on your face is extremely delicate. Hence it's important to be gentle while cleansing it- especially if you're using a face-cleansing brush. Since it's a powered tool, you don't have to press the bristles too hard on your skin. The harder you scrub, the more inflammation and irritation it will cause on your skin. Keep it close to your skin, but not close enough to damage it.

Break Up With Alcohol Toners


Most commercial toners contain alcohol in them. Alcohol not only dries out the skin but also causes it to breakout. Since the toner is an important step in the CTM routine, you should find an alternative natural toner like rice water or raw milk to hydrate the skin and manage its pH balance. 


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Avoid Using Anti-Aging Creams

Most anti-ageing night creams have retinoids in them. They're meant to hydrate and energise your skin while you snooze. Retinoids are also products that help to fade away dark spots and prevent premature ageing. However, retinoids don't agree with all skin types. Using too much of them can burn the skin and cause redness and peeling. It's safe to stick to a regular moisturiser with hyaluronic acid or glycerin than ones that have active ingredients and cause a tingle. 

Eye Creams That Burn The Eyes Do More Harm Than Good


Did you know that the skin on your under-eye area is the thinnest on your face? Now imagine a thick coat of eye cream that has retinol in it. Since retinol is known to cause a tingling feeling on the skin, you only need to use only a little product. If it still burns, wash it off. Instead, look for eye creams containing moisturising ingredients such as avocado, Vitamin E, ceramides, niacinamide or hyaluronic acid. 

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Which of these harmful skincare products and habits are you going to break up with first?

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