PSA: These Popular Hairstyles Can Actually Cause Serious Damage To Your Hair

PSA: These Popular Hairstyles Can Actually Cause Serious Damage To Your Hair

Your hairstyle is just as important as your outfit and makeup. It completes the look that you are going for and while there are plenty of hairstyles for various hair types and occasions that make you look ah-mazing, there are a few that might be doing more damage than good. But don’t panic just yet. We’ve listed down the few hairstyles that you might want to stay away from or not do too often in order to save your strands. Keep on reading to find out if your everyday hairstyle is on the list.

High Ponytail Everyday

Yes, we get it, this is one of the easiest and chicest hairstyles out there, but it can be hurting your tresses. Thanks to Ariana Grande, every girl wants a high ponytail look but making it daily can cause fraying and breakage as the elastic hair ties can grip hair too tightly and cut into the hair shaft. While it’s okay to rock this hairstyle at the gym, it’s problematic if it’s your go-to hairstyle as it can lead to plenty of hair fall. And the same goes for your buns as well.


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Whether you go for multiple braids or dutch, braiding your hair every day can cause splitting, follicle damage, hair weakness and tensile stress since the hair is pulled back too tightly, breaking it away from the roots. This doesn’t mean you need to banish those Insta-worthy double dutch braids completely. A braid or two once in a while is totally fine. You can also minimize damage by not braiding your hair too tight at the scalp and keep your scalp moisturised by oiling it at least once a week.

Wet Buns

Wet hair is more susceptible to damage, so if you keep tying your hair in a bun after a shower and keep noticing plenty of hair fall or a hair covered rubber band, then this could be the culprit. Since wet hair is more fragile, it is more prone to breakage and damage which is why you shouldn’t tie your hair if it’s still wet, no matter how stylish it looks. Twisting or styling wet hair can also lead to frizz, tangles, and knots once it dries. If you really want to achieve a wet hair look, then try using a shine spray to fake it.


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If you really love these hairstyles you don’t need to avoid them completely, just do them in moderation.

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