Ear Makeup Is Actually A Thing In 2021 & We Really Don't Know How To Feel About It!

ear makeup 2021 trend

The pandemic taught us, makeup enthusiasts, to think out of the box. With nowhere to go and no one to meet, we could give given up on makeup entirely. But how could we? For some of us, makeup is a form of self-expression and an extension of our personality! It would be a shame to give it all up because of this virus. But we didn't. On the contrary, we adapted.

Putting creativity to work, we've started to explore other ways to flaunt our makeup. With masks covering the lower half of our face, it becomes only natural to highlight the part that isn't- the eyes! From neon eyeshadows to graphic liners, we used colour and art to express ourselves. Interestingly, there's another way to do that, and that involves your ears! Allow us to introduce you to ear makeup. 

Will Ear Makeup Become A Major Beauty Trend In 2021?

It's too early to say yes. However, there is a possibility that this trend could spread on like wildfire on our social media feeds. Popularised by a Cambridge U.K. based Makeup Artist named Martha Butterwork, she is one of the first MUAs to play around with this trend. She uses makeup, stickers, small objects, divine figures and temporary tattoos to create ear beauty looks. Here, see for yourself!

Infant of Prague

Kudos to the talent cause the look is extremely detailed. Vibrant colours, floral stickers, golf motifs and divine figures- this is a masterpiece. 

All Things Creepy

Now you know what makeup to wear for Halloween 2021! This spooky design will surely creep people out when you go trick-or-treating. *wink*

Pruning The Roses In Style

What's admirable about Martha Butterwork is her avant-garde approach to makeup- it's wild, unique, and oozes creativity. 

Junk Food Is Life

Express your love for pizza, fries, hotdogs and ice-cream with this eccentric ear makeup look. It's a little strange, but here's a question for you, aren't we all?

Bubblegum Fun!

Art doesn't always have to have meaning. Allow your imagination to make sense of it. What comes to your mind when you see this ear makeup look?

And finally, would give any these ear makeup looks or this beauty trend a shot? Tell us we're all 'ears'.

Featured Image: Instagram