#BeautyBasics: Do Your Nails Really Need A Break From Extensions And Nail Paints?

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Raise your hands if you love dressing up your nails- be it nail extensions or two coats of your fave nail enamel. *raises both hands*

I do not remember the last time I let my nails breathe because I love sporting a new shade/design every week. But, am I harming my nails? And do they really need a break? I mean I do indulge in a lot of nail care products such as nail creams and cuticle oils. But is that enough? Let's find out.

Do you Need To Give Your Nails A Break?


Have you ever noticed your nails looking a tad yellow after you remove your nail polish? Well, that's because our nails do deserve a break! Keep on reading to know why you need to let your nails breathe a little.


Let Them Breathe

I cannot tell you how many times I've heard my manicurist tell me to let my nails breathe because I love getting extensions back to back. But nails don't breathe, right? So, what's the big deal?

Nails technically don't breathe but they are porous and require oxygen through the bloodstream. So, they do deserve a break.

Well then, are breathable nail polishes a gimmick? Yup! Their intention is to let water and oxygen pass through it. They are not letting your nails breathe but are helping your nails in some ways. They do help with the movement of natural oils in the nails and keeps the nails hydrated. They also allow movement of water which ensures that your nails do not chip or become extremely dry.

So, it's actually more about allowing water and air into the nails than allowing them to breathe. A crucial way that this is done is through your diet.

So, What Is Bad For Nails?


If you are getting regular nail extensions, you know that your nails are thinning. It is advisable to take at least a month-long break after 2-3 back to back appointments.

If you have brittle nails, make sure you use a nail strengthener and eat food that is rich in protein. Avoid applying nail polish for longer durations. And yes, 'breathable' nail polishes should be your BFF.

Getting anything 'stuck' to your nails such as extensions or gel paint will damage both your nail bed and your nail health. Hence, it's better to take breaks in between. 



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In conclusion, your nails do deserve a break! Applying too much nail polish can make them yellow. So, go ahead and use your fav shades but in moderation.

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