A Celebrity Dermatologist Explains The Difference Between A Face Lift & A Thread Lift

A Celebrity Dermatologist Explains The Difference Between A Face Lift & A Thread Lift

Honestly, getting a few cosmetic surgeries done to your face is no big deal nowadays. From Neelam Kothari getting fillers in The Fabulous Lives Of Bollywood Wives to Gwyneth Paltrow talking about thread lifts, it's really okay if you want to tweak your face structure. We live by one mantra and one mantra only--you do you, boo!

We stumbled across a video last week of a cosmetic procedure called a Threadlift. It piqued our interest so much that we decided to do a deep dive into what it really is! We spoke to Dr Kiran Sethi from Isya Aesthetic about what it entails and we're giving you the low down. If you are a beauty nerd like us, we're sure you will enjoy understanding the difference between two of the most loved face-lift procedures! 

What Is A Face Lift?

"A facelift is basically a surgical procedure where you cut the skin, lift the lower layers of the skin, and then stitch up the face tighter. You essentially cut the skin and need anaesthesia for the procedure", says Dr Sethi.

It's basically a cosmetic procedure to create a more youthful appearance because it can be used to reduce sagging on the cheeks and jawline and make other changes in the shape of your face that can occur with age. The flap of the skin on each side of the face is pulled back and the tissues are altered to give a more contoured look to the face. A neck lift can be part of the procedure to reduce fat deposits and sagging skin on the neck. 

It can be done on the upper face or lower face or you can even go in for a full facelift. 

What Is A Thread Lift?

For those of you who don't know, a thread lift is a relatively minimally invasive procedure for the jowls, face, and neck where threads with small cones are passed under the skin through a large needle. Then the cones grab some skin from under the surface and pull it to give a more lifted and youthful look. 

According to Dr Sethi, a thread lift is where you insert threads under the skin and it's designed to boost collagen through the insertion. The best part of the procedure is that it's in and out and no real downtime is required for it. 

You can do this in any area by simply inserting the threads under the skin and leaving them there. They dissolve into your skin over time. 

Which Procedure Is Best Suited For You?

Honestly, both the procedures have their plus and minus points. So, understanding them in more detail will help you make an informed decision.

Thread lifts are easier to do and can be done in twenty minutes without anaesthesia and surgery. However, it is mild and the effects last for about six months. In facelifts, the procedure is a full cosmetic surgery and so you need to give yourself that much more to recuperate as well. It does involve the general risks of surgery and can be painful and cause bruising. But the effects of it last many years so is a more semi-permanent solution comparatively. 

Featured Image: Pexels