20+ Lohri Songs That'll Make Your Festive Celebrations Even More Fun!

celebrate 2021 lohri with best lohri songs

A new year marks new beginnings and Lohri is just the festival for that. It marks the passing of winter solstice and the beginning of sunny spring days. This festival gives us hope and just like every other Indian celebration, it is incomplete without good food and music. Yup, Lohri songs are an important part of this Punjabi festival! 

Celebrated the night before Makar Sankranti, people offer prayer to God and a bonfire is lit. Popcorn, peanuts, sesame seed (til) ladoos and jaggery (gur) are enjoyed by all and so are Lohri folksongs. The festival of Lohri is extremely special for newlyweds and newborn babies and is usually celebrated on a grand scale for them. 

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    Now let's be honest, this festival does call for a kickass playlist to keep everyone grooving. So if you're looking for a festive songs playlist, we have it right here for you. Your playlist should not only have songs on Lohri but also some beautiful folk Lohri songs, some Bollywood songs and some Lohri songs in Punjabi. Here's our curated list of Lohri songs that's one to bookmark! 

    Folk Lohri Songs That Capture The Essence Of The Festival

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    Folk songs on Lohri are plenty and here are some of our favourites: 

    1. Sundri Mundri Hoye

    The song is about thanking Dulla Bhatti, the Robin Hood of Punjab who saved women from being trafficked. According to folklore, he saved these women and even got them married later. If you are unable to find the traditional version of this song online, you can always play the recent version by Daler Mehndi. 

    2. Tappe

    In this song, people call out to God and request him to accept the prayers of all the boys and girls on the auspicious occasion of Lohri. This Lohri song in Punjabi also talks about putting til, gur and peanuts in the bonfire while asking for blessings for the kids. This folk song also asks God to bless all people and bring happiness in their lives. 

    3. Balle Balle

    This peppy folk song is just meant to make everyone groove as they celebrate Lohri. This song on Lohri speaks about the birth of a new son in a woman's brother's home and the happiness it brings. It also asks the brother to get Lohri gifts for the sisters. This folk song is perfect for gidda and some bhangra. 

    4. Paa De Lohri

    This folk Lohri song asks people to give Lohri gifts and blessings to people in return for blessings for their newborn child. Lohri songs are largely about newborns and newlyweds because it marks a new chapter or rather a new beginning in their lives. This festival is considered to be auspicious for them.

    5. Massan Leya

    This Lohri song terms the day as auspicious and says that this day came after a lot of prayers. This festival is incomplete without this folk song. This peppy number calls for the entire family to do gidda and give Lohri gifts and is associated with a newborn. 

    6. Sanu De Lohri

    Lohri is not just a festival about dancing and bonfire, it's also about the joy of giving. This desi trick or treat Lohri festival song asks people to give Lohri sweets and gifts while blessing all couples to be together for forever. Plus it makes for a great dance number for some folk dance!

    7. Til Cholliye Ni

    This Lohri song for babies is about giving til (sesame seeds), rice and gur (jaggery) on this auspicious day. This song is also about seeking blessing from elders as well as from God for the newborn and the parents. This is the perfect song for new parents to dance to on Lohri. 

    Shake A Leg On These Lohri Songs In Punjabi

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    Lohri is an important festival for North Indians and especially for Punjabis. Now how can we celebrate a Punjabi festival without some fun desi music! After all, Lohri does call for some bhangra moves! So, if you're done with the folk music...it's probably time to turn up the volume and play those Lohri songs in Punjabi.

    1. Laung Laachi

    This harmonious Punjabi song just needs to be on your Lohri songs list! It's no folk song but this peppy number is perfect for all the girls to groove to on this festive occasion. And we all know no Punjabi festival is complete without a kudiyon da dance number.

    2. Gur Nalo Ishq Mitha

    This classic Daler Mehndi song has been made into several remixes but there nothing like the original. In case you don't find the original one you can always pick the Honey Singh remake or the one from Ek Ladki Ko Dekha Toh Aisa Laga. But TBH, a Punjabi Lohri songs list is incomplete without Daler Mehndi! 

    3. Tutak Tutak Tutiya

    This peppy number will also make you want to dance till your feet hurt! This classic dance number sung by Arjun Arry has been remixed several times but one of the best ones has to be the one by Malkit Singh and Kanika Kapoor.

    4. Lohri Yaaran Di

    You probably won't find this song on most playlists but this Lohri song is the perfect one to shake a leg to with all your friends. Just FYI, this song is quite literally about celebrating Lohri with friends. This dance number has to be on your list of songs of Lohri festival.

    5. Dhol Jageero Da

    Dhol and Punjabi festivals go hand-in-hand! Now, if you can't find dhol taashe for this festival, you can always find a Lohri song about dhol to groove to. And what better than this classic Punjabi dance number.

    6. Parande

    This song by Gurdas Maan is a classic dance number that has to be on every festive playlist. This song about different kinds of parande always gets the desi in us grooving! For those unaware, a paranda (plural - parande) is a traditional hair accessory for braids worn mainly by Punjabi women.

    7. Tunak Tunak Tun

    Nope...no chance a Punjabi Lohri songs list is complete without this Daler Mehndi song. This peppy number will have your feet tapping without much effort. Dancing around a bonfire on this song has its own joy that just cannot be put down in words.

    Bollywood Lohri Songs For Every Filmy Keeda!

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    Well...Punjabi music may be amazing but Bollywood toh Bollywood hai yaar. If you've been bitten by the filmy keeda, there's no way you can have fun without some filmy music. We have the perfect Bollywood Lohri songs list to kickstart the party!

    1. Lodi - Veer Zaara

    This beautiful number from Veer-Zaara has to be on your playlist. This is the song where Veer and Zaara AKA Preity Zinta and Shah Rukh Khan celebrate Lohri. Other than being a beautiful Lohri song, this Bollywood song also shows the true essence of this festival with the bonfire, colourful outfits and much needed festive masti! 

    2. Sauda Khara Khara-Good Newwz

    This dance number from Good Newwz won't just make you dance, it'll have all your friends, family and guests grooving. Just thinking about this song and 'dil dena dil lena' has us bobbing our heads. And you have to agree that this remake of the '90s Punjabi hit upholds the original flavour of the song.

    3. Morni Banke - Badhai Ho

    This song from Badhai Ho will make sure that everyone gets on the dance floor and dances around the bonfire as the tradition requires...and that too with just a single click! 

    4. Sadi Gali - Tanu Weds Manu

    Who would believe that this song is almost a decade old? Every time we hear it, it just makes us want to dance away the day like Kangana Ranaut in Tanu Weds Manu! From Shaadi playlists to festive playlists, this song has found a way to fit in everywhere. We would strongly recommend that you do not forget to add this song to your Lohri songs list! 

    5. Bhangra Ta Sajda - Veere Di Wedding

    This remake is also a total Shaadi song but let us remind you that Lohri is also about newlyweds. Nothing wrong with reminding them of their wedding and dragging all the relatives to the dance floor 'coz bhangra ta sajda! If this song from Veere Di Wedding hasn't already found its way to your Lohri songs list...it's never too late to add it now.

    6. Mundiyan - Baaghi 2

    If you want to add some more fun to your Lohri celebration, you can add this song to your list and give a heads-up to all the boys and girls that there's a dance-off. Plus this remake is too good to pass off!

    7. Oh Ho Ho Ho - Hindi Medium

    How can you not dance to Oh Ho Ho Ho? While we loved the original version, we have to admit that the remake is just as good! 

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    So, are you all set for a great Lohri fam-jam & dance-off? We hope that our Lohri songs list adds more fun to your celebrations. Happy Lohri, y'all!

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