Eye-conic: Don't Be A Bore And Upgrade Your Eyeliner Game With These #CelebApproved Styles

Eye-conic: Don't Be A Bore And Upgrade Your Eyeliner Game With These #CelebApproved Styles

May the wings of your eyeliner always be even. Amen!

When it comes to trying out new makeup trends, we often rely on our fave celebs to inspire us! Glitter lids, coloured eyeliners, or even dramatic falsies- celebrities are always introducing us to new makeup trends. Of course, all the credit goes to their top-notch goes to the talented team of MUAs around them, which is why we love stalking them to inspire the makeup enthusiast in us!

And if you are someone who cannot step out of their homes without using their fave eyeliner, then you are going to love these styles! Time to toss out your black eyeliner as it's time we try something new! And what better ways to take your eye makeup game than something that even celebs are loving at the moment?

Best Celebrity Eyeliner Styles

When it comes to doing eye makeup, just opting for a shade other than black can do wonders. And if you are looking for some #CelebApproved ways you can upgrade your eyeliner game, then keep on reading.

Deepika's Reverse Cat-Eye


Deepika shook everyone when she debuted her dramatic look at the Cannes 2019 red carpet. A sleek ponytail, an outfit that was dazzling and those statement earrings- this looks lives rent-free in our minds. But you know us, we are suckers for good makeup!

Her eye makeup left us speechless as instead of the classic cat-eye, she decided to slay our existence by reversing it. Honestly, if you can match your wings like a pro, you gotta give this a try because it looks awesome!


Wheelie Liquid Eyeliner

INR 895 AT MyGlamm

Rihanna's Blue Eyeliner


When picking a colourful makeup product, blue is always a great idea! Blue mascara, lipstick, and even eyeliner. This cool-toned colour looks fab on everybody and this picture of Queen RiRi just proves it.

Time to ditch your black kohl liner today and bleed blue instead. Apply it on your lids and lower lashline and flaunt this #RunawayTrend like a total babe!


LIT Matte Eyeliner Pencil - Slay

INR 445 AT MyGlamm

Hina Khan's B&W Eyeliner


Cannot part ways with your black eyeliner? Then why not add some *white* magic to it?

We are in love with Hina's B&W eyeliner as it's the perfect pick me to transform your mood from drab to fab! Simply, take a white eyeliner and draw a tiny stroke beneath the point where your wing is ending and that's basically it.

Nia Sharma's Yellow Paradise


Just because the weather is as cold as my ex's heart, doesn't mean you cannot celebrate the warmth of summer on your lids!

Add the magic of mellow yellow on your lids like Nia and we bet this is the trend you'll be sporting all summer long.

Shay Mitchell's Neon Eyeliner


Last year was all about neons and floating eyeliner. And you know what's even better than both those trends? Combining the two!

We love Shay Mitchell's 'eye'conic take on the trend and she looks gorgeous! If you can freestyle an eyeliner tip on your lids, then why not do it like Shay?!

Kylie's Sunset On Her Lids


If you want to make those eye pop, then you have to give red eyeliner a try today. Not only it looks *bloody* good but seeing Kylie rock this on top of her yellow eyeshadow is making us hop on this trend train RN.


Incolor Master Stroke Liquid Eye Liner - 4 Fire

INR 239 AT Incolor

Kiara's Half Eyeliner


Kiara Advani has a penchant for amazing eye makeup. If you wanna copy her look, then instead of completing the eyeliner line on your lids, leave it mid-way to give it a graphic eyeliner kinda vibes. Honestly, we're living for this!


Lakme Absolute Kohl Ultimate The Gelato Collection - 08 Limoncello

INR 800 AT Lakme

PS: When in doubt, just wing it like celebs!

Featured Image: Instagram