Could Growing Out Your Underarm Hair Be Good For You? We've Got The Scoop!

Could Growing Out Your Underarm Hair Be Good For You? We've Got The Scoop!

Socialising and conditioning women into getting rid of their body hair has been a practice for so long that it's almost become normalised and expected behaviour now. It is believed that we have been grooming away our body hair for about 100,000 years, starting from plucking each individual hair and then moving on to using tools.

Personally, after years of waxing, shaving, and laser hair removal procedures, the last year finally made me fall in love with my body hair. Due to the fact that salons were shut and I wasn't stepping out of the house, I just sort of stopped removing my body hair and rocked my body in all it's natural glory.

Apart from the feminist awakening that I had through this act of reclaiming my body and loving it for what it is, I realised that they are actually a lot of benefits of growing out your hair. Did you know that your pubic hair provides a cushion against friction that can lead to injuries and abrasions? Your hair down there also helps in preventing bacterial infections. 


Similarly, your underarm hair has benefits too and today we're listing them down.

Surprising Benefits Of Underarm Hair

There's Less Friction

Armpit hair reduces skin-on-skin contact so when you work out or do other strenuous activities, your skin is much less likely to get irritated by friction. So, the frequency of rashes and skin infections will reduce significantly.

Prevents Bacteria Build-Up

There's a reason the underarm hair is there and one of the great benefits of it is that it keeps bacteria and sweat away from your skin so that the area remains clean. So, there's lesser bacteria build-up and hence, fewer chances of infection.


It Might Actually Help Your Love Life

Hold on, hold on, stay with me here. Underarms actually release an odour that contains pheromones. These are naturally produced chemicals that play a role in sexual attraction. When you grow out your armpit hair, you're actually trapping in the odour because sweat gets stuck to the hair. There are many studies that prove that the body's natural musk is actually very attractive and the hair can actually help with that. To delete your dating app and grow out your underarm hair instead!


You're Safe From Razor Burns

Obviously, if you're not using razors or getting your armpits waxed, you're safe from razor burns, ingrown hair, rashes, and irritation. You can also keep yourself safe from those tiny cuts that you keep giving yourself while shaving.

You're Keeping A Sensitive Area Safe

As we know that body hair removal is a societal construct and not required biologically. In growing out your underarm hair, you're actually helping in improving the general health of your skin. The skin there is extremely sensitive and hence is very prone to irritation, folliculitis, inflammation, and infections. 

So, ready to accept your body in its natural form?

Featured Image: Pexels