Yay Or Nay: Should We Be Applying Our Skincare Favourites Using A Brush?

Yay Or Nay: Should We Be Applying Our Skincare Favourites Using A Brush?

How do you apply your makeup products on your face? Probably with the help of makeup brushes, a makeup sponge or even with your hands--right? But how do you layer your skin with your skincare items? Probably with the help of your fingertips.

And if you've ever experienced the luxury of getting a professional spa treatment, then you might've noticed that they are not using their glove-clad hands to apply all sorts of serums and masks on you. Instead, they use a brush.

Applying skincare using a brush? Interesting!

So if the experts are doing it, then it must be effective right? Keep reading to know if you should hop on to this expert-aproved trend!

Applying Skincare With Brush

We're not going to lie, applying skincare items using a brush sure sounds delightful. It's fuss-free, you do not get your hands dirty and would honestly feel so fancy.

So, are we gravitating towards this or nah?

Do We Need Skincare Brushes?


Definitely not!

Just like you do not need a makeup sponge to do your makeup (but certainly does help), you do not need a brush to apply skincare. In fact, the reason why high-end facialists or even dermatologists rely on brushes is due to hygienic reasons. And ever since we came under the scrutiny of a global pandemic, it has become more of a necessity than an option!

But if you have sensitive skin or use moisturiser jars that you need to touch in order to scoop out, then using a brush is a great idea. Just make sure that you clean it on a daily basis (preferably after doing your nighttime skincare regimen) with an antiseptic liquid to kill all the bacteria that were planning to have a germ fest.

Also, if you are using products that you need to apply on your face and wash off after some time (like a face mask), then using a brush is an excellent idea as it not helps apply it evenly but your hands don't get dirty either.


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But, Is It For Everyone?

Applying skincare with a brush just sounds like an extra step in your skincare routine but it might not be the worst idea. Think about it, it'll make the whole experience seem more 'professional' and clean.

But unless you're cleaning your brushes every day with an antiseptic liquid, it's better you use your hands. Just make sure that you always wash your hands before doing your skincare, otherwise it'll result in more of pimples on your face.


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So what do all you beauties think? Should we ditch our hands and apply skincare using a brush?

Featured Image: Pexels.com