These 5 Mixed Media Indian Artists On The Gram Are Sure To Change Your Views On Art

These 5 Mixed Media Indian Artists On The Gram Are Sure To Change Your Views On Art

Imagine having the kind of eye where everything you see appears to be a canvas and everything you envision becomes art. Well, that's life for mixed media artists who are currently setting social media on fire with their avant-garde aesthetics, fresh voice, and hard-hitting satire.  

In an age and place where all voices of decent undergo scrutiny, art has no choice but to evolve and become political. Thankfully for us, India's social media artists have got the memo just right and it's especially the mixed media artists who have us really stunned at the moment. They are playful, they are messy, and most importantly, they are never afraid of speaking their mind.

From sustainability in fashion, art, and everyday life to political conversations that are currently rocking modern-day India, nothing escapes these mixed media artists and well, we are here for it. Here are five mixed media artists who are acing the game with their striking aesthetics:  

Saim Ghani

There is certain effortlessness in how Saim Ghani mixes fashion with mythological and fantastical themes through mixed media art. Through a vibrant juxtaposition fashion models and icons, digital effects, and his creative touches, this is an artist who is currently redefining both art and fashion. Through his artworks, he often makes a commentary on the current state of fashion and he envisions the future of this industry. 

Nehmat Mongia

An accomplished designer, Nehmat Mongia transitions through various mediums of art. And once a while, amid these transitions she picks up old household things, relegated to waste and transforms them into one-of-a-kind artifacts. She also employs some of these techniques on frames and gives these pieces of scrap a life of their own.  

Silly Ink Blots (Sohini)

For artist and illustrator Sohini, art is activism. Scrolling through her Instagram feeds is like travelling through time and events that defined some of the most landmark points in Indian history. The most impactful of her work comprises digitally morphed images from sights of revolution, hand-picked from various points in the country, both past and present. Our favourite part about her feed? Words of ‘inquilab’ taken from revolutionary poets of the yore and fittingly placed in the artworks. 

Aashita Relan

She is a little bit pop, she’s a little bit pun. And also, a hundred percent fun! From Michelangelo to Michael Jackson, there isn’t a single artist, artwork, art era, or art genre that can’t find a place in Aashita Relan's artworld. More often than not, they make an appearance together thus yielding impressive mixed media artworks that are sure to catch your eye. 

Rubaiyat Biswas

Have a thing for satire? Rubaiyat has to be your artist! And while it might take patience to follow his work given that he shares very limited work, it’s totally worth it. He recently did a satirical series, titled Tel Lagalo Babur Ka Or The Ramrajya Triptych, and let’s just say that the results are sure to ruffle some features. We really want to see more series from Rubaiyat and how he further explores his art. We are also in love with how this artist has a way of finding art in the most mundane, everyday things. 

Triggered by the current chaos, India's mixed media art scene is evolving fast now. And as these artists rise to the occasion and give voice to our concerns and anxieties through their revolutionary art, the least we can do is support them by following their work on social media! 

Featured Image: Instagram