Beauty Mavens, Here Are 7 Resolutions That You Should Make (& Stick To) In 2021!

Beauty Mavens, Here Are 7 Resolutions That You Should Make (& Stick To) In 2021!

2020 was definitely a tough year for all of us and we're still healing from its after-effects. It was full of loss and unprecedented hardships that none of us could have anticipated. Hence, this year we should take it upon ourselves to live more mindfully. Globally speaking, we're burnt out, stressed out, and working from home has blurred boundaries between work and life. Our physical and mental well-being is in a state of disbalance and it definitely takes a toll on the self. 

Wellness and beauty have always been stress busters for me and if you're like me then these resolutions are perfect. Of course, there are many things that are out of our hands but the things we can control, we should. In 2021, let's look out for ourselves and take care of those around us.

10 Beauty Resolutions To Make In 2021

Go Cruelty Free

Honestly, we think that the number of companies testing products on animals is extremely low but that's not true. Many of them are still being used to experiment on and it's time to make a switch. Some of my brands that are cruelty-free are Fenty Beauty, Charlotte Tilbury, The Body Shop, NYX Cosmetics, Marc Jacobs Beauty, Anastasia Beverly Hills, and MyGlamm among others. So there are plenty of options and zero excuses for you to support a brand who tests on animals.

Dedicate Time To Self-Care Every Day

Due to the stress and anxiety of daily living, having a dedicated self-care hour (or more!) is so important. This goes beyond just lighting some candles and charging some crystals. You've got to really sit and listen to yourself, meditate, journal, focus on your breathing, and be fully present. If that is done while applying a sheet mask at the end of the day, well and good, if not, that's good for you too!


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Vow To Wear Sunscreen Daily

We've said it once and we'll say it again--wearing sunscreen isn't dependent on the weather, season, or if you're stepping out of the house or not. You're supposed to be wearing sunscreen every day and that's one beauty resolution you should definitely stick to.


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Not To Buy More Than You Need

The world of social media constantly tells us to buy more and more things whether we need them or not. The result is that you own five different types of blushes and seven lotions and loads of makeup that eventually expires. This year, take the less is more route and buy things you will really use. Mary Kondo your vanity and throw out all the products that no longer give you joy. We suggest buying minis of your fav products so that you can use them fully and then repurchase them if you want.

Switch To Shampoo Bars

Shampoos are usually packaged in plastic bottles and have a really high carbon footprint. In 2021, making the switch to shampoo bars will make you realise what you're missing out on. They're vegan, cruelty-free, eco-friendly, and free of harmful chemicals. What's not to love?



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Find Your Perfect Exfoliant

Let 2021 be the year that you try out a gentle leave-on AHA or BHA exfoliant. It's a game-changer and the secret to radiant, smooth, and clear skin. While scrubs do cleanse, they can't get into the layers of built-up dead skin that's beneath the epidermis. This is what leads to clogged pores, acne, and dull skin. With exfoliating acids, you'll really notice a difference. 


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Don't Forget The Neck

Often when we apply makeup or skincare products, we forget applying some to the neck and decolletage. This needs to change. In 2021, think of it as just an important part of your beauty routine to look after all the exposed areas.

Happy 2021, everyone! Hope this year brings you peace and joy.

Featured Image: Pexels