I Will Always Be Grateful To Him: Pooja Gor Officially Confirms Split With Raj Singh Arora

I Will Always Be Grateful To Him: Pooja Gor Officially Confirms Split With Raj Singh Arora

Before you read on, we suggest you grab a tub of ice cream as we deliver some heartbreaking news to you. Yesterday, Pooja Gor took to Instagram to announce her breakup with Raj Singh Arora. The couple had been together for over a decade and while we were hoping to hear wedding bells ring, the news of their split has left us shook.

Putting an end to the speculations about her relationship, the Mann Kee Awaaz Pratigya actress said, "2020 has been a year with a lot of changes. The good and the not-so-good. There has been a lot of speculation about my relationship with Raj over the past few months. Difficult decisions take time to process. Hence, I wanted to take some time before talking about it."

Pooja announced that the couple has decided to part ways while wishing Raj the best for his future. She added that they will continue to remain friends in spite of the breakup. Unsurprisingly, Pooja also switched off the comments section of the post. Check out the full post below while we shed a few tears over their breakup:

Raj hasn't made any official announcement or reacted to the post. Another thing that caught our eye is that several pictures of the duo seem to have gone missing from Pooja's social media account. 

Since 2019, the rumour mill had been hinting that all was not well between the TV couple. Despite rumours of their alleged breakup, the couple kept going strong. The Ye Hai Mohabbatein fame actor had also posted a few pictures with his longtime-girlfriend to refute the rumours.

Speaking to a leading publication in September 2019, Pooja had said that the couple was simply going through a rough time, adding that fights are normal but they're still very much together. On the other hand, Raj had refused to comment on it.

Pooja and Raj have been in a relationship since 2009. Over the years, we have seen this goofy yet adorable couple grow together. While we couldn't get enough of their PDA, the good times seem to have come to an end. 


While we wish things we were different, sometimes life happens. We wish Pooja and Raj the best and hope to see them find love again, even if it's with different people!

Featured Image: Instagram