Press-On Nails Are On Every Beauty Junkie's Radar & Here's Why You Should Try Them Too

Press-On Nails Are On Every Beauty Junkie's Radar & Here's Why You Should Try Them Too

If you love getting your nails done, but don't want to risk visiting the parlour, then we’ve got just the solution you need. Just like the cut-crease eye fad, press-on nails are the other old-made-new trend that is set to dominate 2021. So, what’s so great about your childhood pre-salon manicure? Well, first, it is perfect for the woman on the go. It’s easy, quick and gives you those Insta-worthy digits within minutes. Second, you don’t need to visit a professional to get them done.

It doesn’t matter if you love those long, coffin-like nails or keeping them short and cute, there’s no denying that press-ons glam up your nails instantly. Keep reading to learn more about this upcoming manicure trend!

What Are Press-On Nails?

Most press-on nails are acrylic resin false nails which need to be stuck on your nail bed to instantly get that salon-like finish. The ones you get in the current beauty market give a high-quality finish and come in various shapes, styles, designs and colours. These runway-worthy nails can last for a couple of days or even weeks.

How Do You Use Them?

When it comes to press on nails, you could either opt for just the nails or the entire kit which includes the nails, a cuticle-pusher, a file, and nail glue. Since press on nails come in various shapes and sizes, you are sure to find one that matches your nail size perfectly. Even if it’s a bit off or not that symmetrical, you can use your nail file to shape them to perfection.

Aside from being quick and effective, press-on nails are also one of the safer options as compared to nail extensions and acrylic nails, which use erosive substances during the removal process. With press-ons, you don’t need any buffing or soaking. Simply soak your fingers in warm soapy water for 15 minutes and then peel them off naturally.


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How To Apply Press-On Nails

Trim And Shape Your Nails

When it comes to any manicure, it’s important to first trim and file your nails until they are all equal. Shorter nails help make the press-ons last longer.


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Once you’re done with the trimming and the filing, clean your nails well and remove any excess dirt or even the previous nail polish that’s on it. This will ensure your press-on stays put for longer.

One Nail At A Time

Just cause they are press-ons, it doesn’t mean you can add them haphazardly and expect them to look good. Do one nail at a time. Remove the nail from its packaging, stick it down on your nail bed and hold it firmly down for at least 20 seconds, and voila! You’re done.

Ready to get salon-like nails at home?

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