Holiday-Approved Hairstyles You Can Take From Day To Night

Holiday-Approved Hairstyles You Can Take From Day To Night

Pandemic or not, the holiday season still remains the most stressful time of the year. And in 2020, along with thinking about our outfits, makeup and sanitizing gear, we also need to make sure it's all video call approved. As if that’s not enough to send you into a panic-overdrive, the way you wear your hair for the festivities can also make a huge difference. 

Lucky for you, we’ve listed down a bunch of holiday-approved hairstyles that are quick, easy, Insta-worthy and can take your look from 10 to 100 instantly. Since it is 2020 and we’re not yet free from this pandemic, we’ve got looks that are perfect for your in-person parties and even for your zoom celebrations. So, get out your hairbrush and serums and start practising --- your holiday hairstyling class is in session.

The Natural Blowout

Unlike your regular blowouts which make the hair fall flat, the natural hair blowout is all about keeping the volume minus the frizz. This hairstyle is perfect for those who decided to ditch the heat styling products during the past few months of quarantine. It is all about giving your hair a light blowout while using a lightweight cream to give it a natural smooth finish with a bit of bounce.

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The Halo Braid

Want to try a new hairstyle that’s perfect for Xmas? Then, this hairstyle will add an ethereal twist to your look. The halo braid is ideal for those who are going for a classy, chic and poised look. To create this hairstyle, all you need to do is divide your hair in two section and French braid it on either side. Once you reach the ends, make sure to tie it in a bun and secure it with bobby pins.

The Wet Hair Look

With the wet hair look, you’re guaranteed to get Insta-worthy pics. Whether your celebrations are online or in person, just apply your cream to damp hair and finish off with a glossing spray to look red carpet ready.


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The Waterfall Braids

If you are tired of your straight hair and need non-heating stylish options, then give waterfall braids a try. This hairstyle is a classic and is perfect for any occasion, not to forget, it looks amazing on your Insta feed.

The Half Up, Half Down

Confused about whether to wear your hair up or down during your holiday festivities, why not both? The half-up, half-down hairstyle is stylish, chic and perfect for any hair type. All you need is a hair tie, and a hair spray to hold it all in place while you dance the night away.

The High Ponytail

Hate or love her, you can thank Ariana Grande for popularizing the high ponytail hairstyle. This hairstyle is perfect for the holidays and paired with a sultry cat-eye, you’re sure to steal the show on camera and in person. To take this look up a notch, you can even set your baby hair, to get a more stylish front.

The Au ‘Natural

If you gave up your heat styling products this year and have no intentions of going back to it, then this hairstyle is just for you. Whether you have frizzy, curly or coily hair, show off your naturally gifted hair during the holiday festivities this year.


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The Teased Ponytail

Looking for simple yet stylish, you can’t go wrong with the classic teased ponytail. Just be sure to tease it in the front to give it that extra volume and finish it off with a hair spray.

Go on and start trying our these hairstyles ASAP.

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