5 Viral Trends From The Lockdown We Don't Mind Carrying To The New Year

shay mitchell neon green floating eyeliner

*Takes a deep sigh* because this year has been a lot! If I were, to sum up, this year, it'll go something like Jan, Feb, lockdown and New Years'! Honestly, how is it December already?!

So many things happened this year (but nothing can top the global pandemic, of course!). There was a time when everyone was baking banana bread, making dalgona coffee and just buying a LOT of toilet paper. If anyone told me in 2019 that 'this' is what all is going to happen in 2020, I wouldn't believe you, even if it was me from the future!

In the beauty world too, things were crazy! Yes, I'm definitely talking about *cutting your own bangs*. But there were a few beauty trends that we loved in 2020 and we're talking all about them. These are some of the trends we loved this year and can't wait to take into the new year.

Here's hoping for a new year filled with joy, good health and love, #XOXO2021. 

2020 is wild, y'all! There's so much that has happened this year that the children who'd be reading about all this in history are gonna curse us so much. Thankfully, we are only going to talk about the good things today, aka the most popular beauty trends of 2020!

Fox Eye Makeup

No makeup look is ever complete without eyeliner, right? Gone are the days when doing matching your winged eyeliner was everything because it's old news now, TBh. Beauty enthusiasts are going gaga over fox eye makeup and we're loving this trend so far.

Fox eye makeup is not something new but definitely picked up its pace in 2020. With supermodel Bella Hadid being a constant fan, fox eye makeup is everywhere. And if you're feeling fox too, then read this.

As the name suggests, it involves using the magic of makeup to create an illusion of having fox eyes.


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DIY Hair Colour

The next phase that came right up after cutting your bangs is when people started dyeing their hair in funky colours such as blue or pink. And it kind of made sense as nobody was stepping out of their homes for a long time. And these colourful experiments also resulted in a lot of hair disasters but also lead to some beautiful trends.

Think E-girl hair-- taking two strands of hair out front and dyeing it in a funky colour or the two-tone hair-- dyeing your hair in two shades (blue and grey, pink and orange); yup, not your basics.


Another trend that I personally love but do not have enough courage to try is this!


This trend doesn't have a name but is surely taking the beauty world by storm.


Punky Colour Poppy Red

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Loud Eye Makeup


Doing full face of glam definitely took a backseat as well, we need to wear a mask and it covers half the face. The emphasis has been on bold and beautiful eyes and we're here for it. Think colourful lashes, neon lids, glossy lids-- this year has definitely been the biggest for eye makeup trends.


Women Volume On Mascara - 05 Violet

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TikTok Trends

Do you remember when ALL of us were hooked to makeup trends on TikTok? Some good, some really bad- TikTok really gave us the fast content we never knew we needed! Unfortunately, the Chinese app is banned in India but who can forget those amazing concealer hack, or that hack to curl hair with socks?!

My personal favourites were the TikTok challenges that promoted so many makeup trends. I kinda miss the app, don't you?

Floating Eyeliner


Another eyeliner trend that's 'floating' around is the floating eyeliner trend. I bet you've seen this trend at least once on the 'Gram because it's so stunning. As the name suggests, you do not apply the eyeliner near your lashes but somewhere in the middle so it appears as if it's floating on your lids. Kaafi cool, right?



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So there you have it. Our fave beauty trends and moments of 2020 that made this year a little bearable.

Featured Image: Instagram