5 Easy-Peasy Ways To Salvage Dried-Out Liquid Eyeliner

5 Easy-Peasy Ways To Salvage Dried-Out Liquid Eyeliner

There are many reasons why your liquid eyeliner dried out. Heat, moisture and air, are just some factors responsible for it. Sometimes, an eyeliner dries out because it has passed its shelf life. If your liquid eyeliner has not crossed its expiry date, don't chuck it into the bin just yet. We know of a few cool ways to bring it back to life! Grab a pen and notebook, will you?

5 Easy-Peasy Ways To Save Your Poor Dried-Out Eyeliner

It's time to rescue that expensive liquid eyeliner of yours!

Dip It In Hot Water


All you have you do here is dip your eyeliner into a cup of warm water for a few minutes. After a while, remove the eyeliner product from the water and give the product a good shake. Now, apply some of the liquid eyeliner product on the back of your hand. The product should run smoothly. If you're still not happy with the consistency, keep the liquid eyeliner in a cup of water for a longer time. 

Eye Drops To The Rescue!

If the liquid eyeliner product in the pot has become rock-hard, don't feel disheartened. Just scrape the eyeliner product out with a toothpick and pour the black flakes back into the pot. Now, pour a couple of eye drops into the eyeliner pot and use the same toothpick to stir, mix and blend both the ingredients. Your eyeliner should get its liquid consistency back again.



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Give It A Good Shake!


Most liquid eyeliner products come with a metal ball. This metal ball's job is to mix the ingredients inside the eyeliner pot. Each time you use your eyeliner, you must always give it a good shake. This prevents the liquid eyeliner from drying up too quickly. 

Coconut Oil For The Win

A genius way to save your dried-out eyeliner is to pour a little bit of warm coconut oil into the eyeliner pot. Give the liquid eyeliner a shake and then run the eyeliner on the back of your hand. This trick will definitely bring your liquid eyeliner back to life!


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Baby Oil Works Like A Charm

Sometimes coconut oil can feel too heavy on the skin. A better alternative to coconut oil is baby oil. Baby oil is not only great for sensitive skin types but also does a fine job at reviving the liquid eyeliner product. 2-3 drops of warm baby oil should be enough to rescue your liquid eyeliner. Use a toothpick or the liquid eyeliner's wand to blend and mix both the ingredients. 

Which of these liquid eyeliner tricks caught your attention the most? We bet all of them did! 

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