Based On Your Zodiac, This Is The Indian Designer You Are Likely To Wear On Your Wedding!

Based On Your Zodiac, This Is The Indian Designer You Are Likely To Wear On Your Wedding!

Love it or hate it, you simply can't ignore thumbing through what your zodiac holds for you, even if it's for pure fun. Of course, anyone who has gone through it even once is also aware of the loopholes of it, but it doesn't make the details any less fun, does it! Along the same line of thought, we decided to brainstorm who you were most likely to wear on your wedding day, i.e the Indian designer, based on your traits and what your zodiac dictates. And guess what, we found some leading names for you. Hypothetical? Yes. Fun? Also yes!

The Designer Behind Your Wedding Outfit, As Per Your Zodiac!

Without any ado, here's taking a deep dive into what your zodiac holds in store for you!



Did someone say DRAMA? The Aries zodiac is known for their love for all things OTT, and can be fully expected to go all out in terms of maximalism. No complaints though; we know they love the attention and we love watching them make that A+ effort for it. Especially knowing that it’s after all their D-day, the ultimate chance to bring it on! 
Our Pick: A traditional Anamika Khanna lehenga with elaborate details to spare.

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Taureans love their material finds and know how to care for them too. A win-win! Chances are that when they pick a wedding outfit, they will keep their fashion-forward selection safe and ready to be used afterward as well, the practical beings they are. Who doesn’t love some good (re)styling anyway!
Our Pick: The Gaurav Gupta co-ords we too would wear for a white wedding!



Geminis may change their mind real quick but they tend to make the smartest choices you will find across wardrobes. Their penchant for information, absorbing news and seeking the ‘IT’ thing is what makes us think they will be spotted in a rather new-age wedding outfit. Can’t wait to see it!
Our Pick: This fabulous Falguni & Shane Peacock lehenga with an ultra-modern spin.



Cancerians are as intuitive as they are emotional and given their leanings, they are bound to reach out for something they connect with on a deeper level. Expect their wedding wardrobe to reflect their mind and sensitivity towards things, with the folks in this zodiac including elements close to their heart in their designer outfit. 
Our Pick: A custom-made Rahul Mishra ensemble that takes your thoughts into account. 



Passionate and courageous, they don’t mind the attention either and whatever they wear, you can expect to find them pulling it off like no one is watching (though they make sure everyone is). The natural leaders have a couple of sartorial tricks up their sleeve and their zeal for life ensures they remain the centre of attention, wedding or none. 
Our Pick: A find from Manish Malhotra's ateliers with a hint (or more) of drama. 


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They love the details, don’t they? Virgos analyse the pros and cons before jumping towards conclusions. Knowing how reasonable and organised they are, we wouldn’t be surprised to find them with ordered index cards before shopping for their wedding attire. Of course, given the end result, one has to agree with the approach!
Our Pick: From Anita Dongre, a stellar look that feels refreshing. 



The lovers of all things symmetrical and alluring! Though sometimes indecisive, this zodiac has an inclination towards balance, colours and everything that is uniform. In sync with that information, you can’t blame us for thinking of a head-to-toe monochrome look now, can you?
Our Pick: A layered Arpita Mehta lehenga with an elongated top, complete with all-over motifs. 



Let us say it right at the beginning—Scorpios love to experiment and assertive as they are, they can totally pull off a distinctive wedding outfit that no one really paid much attention to. Full of passion and resourcefulness, they won’t really stop until they have zeroed in on an ensemble that matches the one in their head. 
Our Pick: An off-beat selection comprising blink-and-miss details by House of Masaba. 


Begaani Beige Lehenga set

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Love for culture, love for travel, love for finding and learning more about anything that's new is what comes to mind when one discusses Saggitarians. The serene folks love to see the world and live free and if we see a reference pertaining to their musing for philosophy and culture seeping into their clothing, we won’t be the ones batting an eyelid for sure!
Our Pick: A quaint Sabyasachi lehenga with intricate handiwork on the forefront. 



Independent and responsible, Capricorns love delving into material possessions and ensure that they make the most of it. Not ones to be overly dramatic, they are more likely to go for something that is classy and inclining towards the traditional side of things when looking for a wedding outfit.
Our Pick: An age-old, timeless drape in red, courtesy The House of Angadi. 



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Forget impulsive buys, these folks like to do their research before stepping out. On-point and analytical, Aquarians will prefer a rational pick that screams ‘original’ over everything else, as should be the case!
Our Pick: Complete with dense leitmotifs, a traditional pick from Torani. 



Pisceans are themselves creative beings by heart so it’s only natural that they pick something along those lines when making a selection. Don't be surprised if you see them bringing their creative side to their choice of clothing as well. 
Our Pick: The SVA Couture selection that comes with a risqué blouse and a distinctive appeal.


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Did you find yours?

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