#POPxoReviews: We're Going Bananas Over MyGlamm's POSE HD Banana Powder, Here's Why!

POSE HD Banana Powder - Yellow product review
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Banana powder is the makeup product that I'm currently obsessed with. Since I have olive skin with yellow undertones, the banana powder works best for me as it helps to absorb excess oil, colour correct any discolouration and brightens up the skin. A cult makeup product of mine is the POSE Banana Powder by MyGlamm. I love the texture of the product and the way it feels on my skin. As someone who has an eye for environment-friendly packaging, I'm a big fan of this one because it's eco-friendly, lightweight and biodegradable. 

What Is It?

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POSE HD Banana Powder - Yellow
INR 699 AT MyGlamm

This yellow-tinted setting powder can be used to mattify the skin and set your makeup. Because of its subtle yellow tint, it works well for all skin tones that have a bit of warmth to them. Priced at Rs 699, the POSE Banana Powder by MyGlamm controls the shine, blurs fine lines, prevents creasing, colour corrects visible redness and evens out the complexion. This long-lasting and lightweight banana powder not only provides sheer coverage to the skin but also prevents and repairs skin damage. Did we mention that it is also free from mineral oil, UV filters, parabens and D5? Yes, it's pretty awesome! 

Why do we love it?

I love the fact that this banana powder gives my skin a translucent soft-matte finish. The product does not feel heavy on the skin, and it makes my makeup stay on for a long while. Since I have combination skin, this banana powder helps to absorb excess oil on my T-zone area and brightens up my complexion in the most natural way possible.


Colour pay off - 8/10

Long-Lasting - 7/10

Texture - 7/10

Packaging - 10/10

Formula - 7/10

How do you use it?

After applying concealer and foundation, use a fluffy powder brush or powder puff to apply the banana powder around your T-zone and under-eye area. To create an overall natural glow, dust a tiny amount of banana powder product all over your face. If you want to brighten dark under eyes, use the powder on a damp beauty blender and bake your under eyes with it. Leave it on for 2 minutes and dust off the excess with a fluffy brush!

What does the product look like?


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Bright, radiant and fresh-looking skin is what you can expect. The POSE Banana Powder by MyGlamm has made one of my beauty wishes come true! 

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